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The membership terms can be found in the section "Tarification" of the document Description détaillée du projet et conditions de participation (PDF in French).

RERO members

For RERO members RERO DOC is part of the set of services included in the membership fee. Every RERO member can deposit and host resources of standard type in RERO DOC at no additional cost (up to a disk space of 200 Gygabytes).

In the quality of RERO members, the Universities of Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland) have the possibility of using RERO DOC as their institutional repository (see the list of contacts).


RERO encourages the publication and archiving of scholarly documents at the national and international levels, proposing very attractive membership conditions. Hence it welcomes every institution that might be interested in the services provided by RERO DOC by proposing a membership contract corresponding to an annual fee of CHF 3000.– (for a disk space of up to 200 Gygabytes). (See the list of contacts.) The University of italian Switzerland has adhered to RERO DOC.

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