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Institutional repository
A public on-line server where an institution or community stores its intellectual output in digital format, especially its research production.
OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) is a protocol for the exchange of metadata. It allows a server to harvest and index metadata information from other OAI-PMH-compliant remote servers, so that the queries executed within its own search engine can span the documents hosted by the harvested servers. An OAI-PMH-compliant server can be both provider and harvester of metadata.
Open Access
The Open Access movement aims at improving the dissemination of scientific information. This goal is achieved by a costless, integral and generalized access, via Internet, to the research articles produced by the ensemble of the scientific communities, all domains included. Learn more...
A preprint is a version of a scientific article prior to publication in a journal, which means that it has not been reviewed by a scientific commitee. See also postprint.
A postprint is a scientific article that has been published in a journal after review and validation by a commitee of scientific experts. See also preprint.

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