How to deposit

The procedure to follow in order to deposit an article (preprint or postprint) in RERO DOC is the following.

Note: The procedure for depositing other types of documents is very similar to the one described here; see the section "What can be deposited".

1. Create a file of the article in PDF format
In the case of a postprint it is likely that this file must not be an exact copy of the published version. This personal version is the one that must be deposited in the server; its graphical layout should in principle differ from the one used by the publisher. The content should nevertheless be identical.
2. Enter the submission interface
Click on the option «Submit» in the header above. Type the username and password provided by the RERO DOC coordinator at your institution (see the list of contacts).
3. Select the required document type
Select the option "preprint" or "postprint" depending on the nature of the document to be deposited.
4. Fill out the metadata form
Fill out the form fields and then upload the PDF file created in step 1. It is possible to upload additional material if necessary. See the list of accepted file formats.
5. Submit the form
Click on the button "Submit".

The submission will then be validated by a moderator, who will check that the file(s) and the metadata are complete and correct. After that the document will effectively become available in the server.

The submission interface contains a help page. For any additional question concerning the submission process please contact your local RERO DOC coordinator (see the list of contacts).

Copyright issues

The person that deposits a document in RERO DOC must make sure that:
  • the authors of the document agree with the deposit and publication of the document in the server;
  • the publication of the document in the server does not violate author or publication rights owned by third parties, particularly by publishers.

Currently, more than two thirds of all scientific journals authorize authors to self-archive a preprint or postprint version of the articles they publish. The site "SHERPA/RoMEO Publishers' Copyright Listings" summarizes the permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement. The RERO DOC coordinator at your institution as well as the submission moderators should be able to provide further assistance concerning this issue.

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