Concerning project goals, general information, membership requests:

  • RERO, Management
    Phone: 027 721 85 85

Concerning organisational issues related to Universities and HES, user access, metadata, deposit of specific collections:

  • Johnny Mariéthoz, Projet coordinator
    Phone: 027 721 85 85 or 027 721 85 79

RERO DOC local coordinators

Questions or requests concerning the deposit of theses, dissertations, articles and digitalized collections in the framework of RERO member institutions, or otherwise having signed a RERO DOC membership contract, should be addressed to the corresponding local coordinator.

RERO DOC coordinators, as of 10.10.2017:
  • Jonathan Donzallaz
Genève Université
  • Jean-Blaise Claivaz
Genève Ville
  • Sylvain Féjoz
Neuchâtel & Jura
  • Karim Chèvre
  • Isabelle de Chastonay
  • Fanny Peuker
Università della Svizzera italiana
  • Alessio Tutino

Further information: