Université de Fribourg

The record of Deinotheriidae from the Miocene of the Swiss Jura Mountains (Jura Canton, Switzerland)

Gagliardi, Fanny ; Maridet, Olivier ; Becker, Damien

In: bioRxiv, 2021, p. 244061

The Miocene sands of the Swiss Jura Mountains, long exploited in quarries for the construction industry, have yielded abundant fossil remains of large mammals. Among Deinotheriidae (Proboscidea), two species, Prodeinotherium bavaricum and Deinotherium giganteum, had previously been identified in the Delémont valley, but never described. A third species, Deinotherium levius, from the locality of...

Université de Fribourg

Oligocene and early Miocene mammal biostratigraphy of the Valley of Lakes in Mongolia

Harzhauser, Mathias ; Daxner-Höck, Gudrun ; Erbajeva, Margarita A. ; López-Guerrero, Paloma ; Maridet, Olivier ; Oliver, Adriana ; Piller, Werner E. ; Göhlich, Ursula B. ; Ziegler, Reinhard

In: Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, 2017, vol. 97, no. 1, p. 219–231

The Taatsiin Gol Basin in Mongolia is a key area for understanding the evolution and dispersal of Central Asian mammal faunas during the Oligocene and early Miocene. After two decades of intense fieldwork, the area is extraordinarily well sampled and taxonomically well studied, yielding a large dataset of 19,042 specimens from 60 samples. The specimens represent 176 species-level and 99...

Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne

Proposition of dating a Miocene Alpine tectonic event using mammal biochronology : example of the Four karst filling

Maridet, Olivier

In: Geodinamica acta : revue de géologie-dynamique et de géographie-physique, 2002, vol. 15, p. 179