Université de Fribourg

Direct comparison between properties of adaptation of the auditory nerve and the ventral cochlear nucleus in response to repetitive clicks

Meyer, Kaspar ; Rouiller, Eric M. ; Loquet, Gérard

In: Hearing Research, 2007, vol. 228, no. 1-2, p. 144-155

The present study was designed to complete two previous reports [Loquet, G., Rouiller, E.M., 2002. Neural adaptation to pulsatile acoustical stimulation in the cochlear nucleus of the rat. Hear. Res. 171, 72–81; Loquet, G., Meyer, K., Rouiller, E.M., 2003. Effects of intensity of repetitive acoustic stimuli on neural adaptation in the ventral cochlear nucleus of the rat. Exp. Brain Res. 153,...