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Université de Fribourg

Contribution to the understanding of the Ionian Basin sedimentary evolution along the eastern edge of Apulia during the Late Cretaceous in Albania

Le Goff, J. ; Cerepi, A. ; Swennen, R. ; Loisy, C. ; Caron, Michèle ; Muska, K. ; Desouky, H. El

In: Sedimentary Geology, 2015, vol. 317, p. 87–101

Integrated in the peri-Adriatic domain, the Ionian Basin extended along a NW-SE direction during the Late Cretaceous, limited on its sides by the Apulian and the Kruja platforms. The basinal/slope succession was studied in seven outcrops exposed in the Albanian fold-and-thrust belt. Sedimentological investigations, supported by bio- and chronostratigraphy were performed on calcareous Upper...

Université de Fribourg

Turonian radiolarians from Karnezeika, Argolis peninsula, Peloponnesus (Greece)

Bandini, Alexandre N. ; Baumgartner, Peter O. ; Caron, Michèle

In: Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, 2006, vol. 99, no. Supplement 1, p. S1-S20

Near Karnezeika a roughly 140 m thick Upper Cretaceous section consists of interbedded pelagic limestones, cherts and coarse polymict breccias including ophiolites and shallow water limestones. At the base, pink pelagic limestones rest on deeply altered and fractured Lower Jurassic Pantokrator Limestone. This first pelagic facies is dated as middle Turonian, based on planktonic Foraminifera. Over...