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Università della Svizzera italiana

Securing whistleblowing in the digital age : SecureDrop and the changing journalistic practices for source protection

Di Salvo, Philip

In: Digital Journalism, 2021, vol. 9, no. 4, p. 443-460

Information security tools have gained prominence and importance in the journalism field and are now being adopted more frequently by newsrooms and investigative journalists. SecureDrop, an opensource software for operating whistleblowing platforms, is now a common component of the toolboxes of journalists willing to work with stronger levels of security, especially in regard to source...

Université de Fribourg

Enigmatic dinosaur precursors bridge the gap to the origin of Pterosauria

Ezcurra, Martín D. ; Nesbitt, Sterling J. ; Bronzati, Mario ; Vecchia, Fabio Marco Dalla ; Agnolin, Federico L. ; Benson, Roger B. J. ; Egli, Federico Brissón ; Cabreira, Sergio F. ; Evers, Serjoscha W. ; Gentil, Adriel R. ; Irmis, Randall B. ; Martinelli, Agustín G. ; Novas, Fernando E. ; Silva, Lúcio Roberto da ; Smith, Nathan D. ; Stocker, Michelle R. ; Turner, Alan H. ; Langer, Max C.

In: Nature, 2020, vol. 588, no. 2020-7838, p. 445–449

Pterosaurs were the first vertebrates to evolve powered flight1 and comprised one of the main evolutionary radiations in terrestrial ecosystems of the Mesozoic era (approximately 252–66 million years ago), but their origin has remained an unresolved enigma in palaeontology since the nineteenth century2,3,4. These flying reptiles have been hypothesized to be the close relatives of a wide...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Partner selection process for a Swiss medical equipment start-up

Delacoste, Coralie ; Willson, Philip (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2020 ; TDIBM 74.

This Bachelor thesis intends to answer to the need of a medical equipment start-up company which has to select a partner to perform the role of integrator in its global supply chain. This is a typical partner selection problem that is addressed in this work through a linear weighting model integrating both qualitative and quantitative variables. The criteria are selected by reviewing the...

Université de Fribourg

Notes on the cheek region of the Late Jurassic theropod dinosaur Allosaurus

Evers, Serjoscha W. ; Foth, Christian ; Rauhut, Oliver W.M.

In: PeerJ, 2020, vol. 8, p. e8493

Allosaurus, from the Late Jurassic of North America and Europe, is a model taxon for Jurassic basal tetanuran theropod dinosaurs. It has achieved an almost iconic status due to its early discovery in the late, 19th century, and due to the abundance of material from the Morrison Formation of the western U.S.A., making Allosaurus one of the best-known theropod taxa. Despite this, various...

Université de Fribourg

Late Jurassic theropod dinosaur bones from the Langenberg Quarry (Lower Saxony, Germany) provide evidence for several theropod lineages in the central European archipelago

Evers, Serjoscha W. ; Wings, Oliver

In: PeerJ, 2020, vol. 8, p. e8437

Marine limestones and marls in the Langenberg Quarry provide unique insights into a Late Jurassic island ecosystem in central Europe. The beds yield a varied assemblage of terrestrial vertebrates including extremely rare bones of theropod from theropod dinosaurs, which we describe here for the first time. All of the theropod bones belong to relatively small individuals but represent a wide...

Université de Fribourg

Valuable carcasses: postmortem preservation of fatty acid composition in heart tissue

Currie, Shannon E. ; Mène-Saffrané, Laurent ; Fasel, Nicolas J.

In: Conservation Physiology, 2019, vol. 7, no. 1, p. -

In order to effectively conserve species, we must understand the structure and function of integral mechanisms at all levels of organismal organisation, from intracellular biochemistry to whole animal ecophysiology. The accuracy of biochemical analyses depend on the quality and integrity of the samples analysed. It is believed that tissue samples collected immediately postmortem provide the...

Università della Svizzera italiana

PPARgamma in dendritic cells and T cells drives pathogenic type-2 effector responses in lung inflammation

Nobs, Samuel Philip ; Natali, Sara ; Pohlmeier, Lea ; Okreglicka, Katarzyna ; Schneider, Christoph ; Kurrer, Michael ; Sallusto, Federica ; Kopf, Manfred

In: Journal of experimental medicine, 2017, vol. 214, no. 10, p. 3015-3035

Type-2 immune responses are well-established drivers of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, and represent a large burden on public health systems. The transcription factor PPARγ is known to promote M2-macrophage and alveolar macrophage development. Here, we report that PPARγ plays a key role in both T cells and dendritic cells (DCs) for development of type-2 immune responses. It...

Université de Fribourg

Re-evaluation of the Haarlem Archaeopteryx and the radiation of maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs

Foth, Christian ; Rauhut, Oliver W. M.

In: BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2017, vol. 17, p. 236

Archaeopteryx is an iconic fossil that has long been pivotal for our understanding of the origin of birds. Remains of this important taxon have only been found in the Late Jurassic lithographic limestones of Bavaria, Germany. Twelve skeletal specimens are reported so far. Archaeopteryx was long the only pre-Cretaceous paravian theropod known, but recent discoveries from the Tiaojishan...

Université de Fribourg

Shear-induced migration in colloidal suspensions

Marmet, Philip ; Scacchi, Alberto ; Brader, Joseph M.

In: Molecular Physics, 2017, vol. 115, no. 14, p. 1691–1699

Using Brownian dynamics simulations, we perform a systematic investigation of the shear-induced migration of colloidal particles subject to Poiseuille flow in both cylindrical and planar geometry. We find that adding an attractive component to the interparticle interaction enhances the migration effect, consistent with recent simulation studies of platelet suspensions. Monodisperse,...