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Université de Fribourg

Chemistry of alkaline earth metals: It is not all ionic and definitely not boring!

Fromm, Katharina M.

In: Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2020, vol. 408, p. 213193

Some scientists might consider group 2 chemistry as “boring, closed shell and all ionic, aqueous chemistry, where everything is known! It is not worth investigating”. How wrong they are! Far from forming only purely ionic compounds, this review will shed light on some spectacular molecules, showing that alkaline earth metal ions can behave similar to transition metal ions. After general...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Saudi Arabia : too big to hedge?

Jusufi, Ariana ; Piller, Robert (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2018 ; TDIBM 38.

Oil prices reached low levels in 2016. As a consequence, many countries dependent on oil revenues experienced significant budget deficits. Saudi Arabia, for which oil revenue accounts for more than 80% of national income, chose to implement a fiscal reform to reduce its oil dependency. Although fiscal reform is a good strategy for the long run, the solution does not take into account price risk;...

Université de Fribourg

Colloidal fibers as structurant for worm-like micellar solutions

Zanchetta, Giuliano ; Mirzaagha, Shadi ; Guida, Vincenzo ; Zonfrilli, Fabio ; Caggioni, Marco ; Grizzuti, Nino ; Pasquino, Rossana ; Trappe, Veronique

In: Colloid and Polymer Science, 2018, vol. 296, no. 8, p. 1379–1385

We investigate the rheological properties of a simplified version of a liquid detergent composed of an aqueous solution of the linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) surfactant, in which a small amount of fibers made of hydrogenated castor oil (HCO) is dispersed. At the concentration typically used in detergents, LAS is in a worm-like micellar phase exhibiting a Maxwellian behavior. The...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Shale, the new oil swing producer ?

Hutin, Gregory ; Lioud, Benoît (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2017 ; TDIBM 13.

Only a few years ago, as the world’s supply of oil was showing evidences of peaking, it was almost certain that the world was slowly running out of its main source of energy. It was certain that the world needed to prepare for a peak oil situation, and prices were breaking records again and again. From this situation emerged a new player in the oil industry that has changed the oil market for...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Marketing Nigerian light and sweet crudes in a world increasingly geared towards heavier and more sour crudes

Cole, Tanya Kedisha ; Piller, Robert (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2016 ; TDIBM 4.

The Nigerian crude Oil Market has been facing difficulties in Marketing their light and sweet crudes on a global scale. These difficulties are the consequences of changes in trend in the Oil Market Industry, such as changes in the global oil refining landscape, highly increase competition from one of its key exporting partner and with the increase in demand shifting to the Middle East and Asia,...

Haute Ecole pédagogique Fribourg

Le jeu de rôle "sérieux" : un outil pédagogique pour l’EDD et la pensée complexe ?

Heinzen, Samuel ; Pellaud, Francine ; Rolle, Lionel ; Gremaud, Bertrand ; Bourqui, François ; Monney, Pierre ; Maradan, Gaby

In: Les jeux dans l'éducation et la médiation scientifiques : actes des 32es journées internationales sur la communication, l'éducation et la culture scientifiques, techniques et industrielles (JIES), 2013, p. 31-41

Les JIES ont accueilli une session expérimentale de « L’empire des hyperplaneurs », un jeu de rôle "sérieux", autour de la problématique des pétroles de schistes. Ce jeu a été élaboré par la Haute Ecole pédagogique de Fribourg, en vue de former les futurs enseignants à la pensée complexe caractéristique de l’éducation au développement durable (EDD). L’objectif de ce test...