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Università della Svizzera italiana

Vitamin D status among male late adolescents living in southern Switzerland : role of body composition and lifestyle

Rabufetti, Andrea ; Milani, Gregorio P. ; Lava, Sebastiano A. G. ; Edefonti, Valeria ; Bianchetti, Mario G. ; Stettbacher, Andreas ; Muggli, Franco ; Simonetti, Giacomo

In: Nutrients, 2019, vol. 11, no. 11, p. 2727

Background: Poor vitamin D status is a worldwide health problem. Yet, knowledge about vitamin D status among adolescents in Southern Europe is limited. This study investigated concentrations and modulating factors of vitamin D in a healthy population of male late adolescents living in Southern Switzerland. Methods: All apparently healthy subjects attending for the medical evaluation before the...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Retinoic acid sensitivity of triple-negative breast cancer cells characterized by constitutive activation of the NOTCH1 pathway : the role of RARβ

Paroni, Gabriela ; Zanetti, Adriana ; Barzago, Maria Monica ; Kurosaki, Mami ; Guarrera, Luca ; Fratelli, Maddalena ; Troiani, Martina ; Ubezio, Paolo ; Bolis, Marco ; Vallerga, Arianna ; Biancardi, Federica ; Terao, Mineko ; Garattini, Enrico

In: Cancers, 2020, vol. 12, no. 10, p. 23 p

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a heterogeneous disease that lacks effective therapeutic options. In this study, we profile eighteen TNBC cell lines for their sensitivity to the anti-proliferative action of all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA). The only three cell lines (HCC-1599, MB- 157 and MDA-MB-157) endowed with ATRA-sensitivity are characterized by genetic aberrations of the NOTCH1-gene,...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Embryological development of the human cranio-facial arterial system : a pictorial review

Bertulli, Lorenzo ; Robert, Thomas

In: Surgical and radiologic anatomy, 2021, p. 13 p

The embryological development of the cerebral vasculature is very complex. Historical and also more recent studies based on human embryos, comparative anatomy and cerebral angiographies allowed us to better understand this vasculature development. The knowledge and understanding of such embryological development are important for physicians interested in neurovascular pathologies. Indeed, all...

Università della Svizzera italiana

The relationship between social anxiety, smartphone use, dispositional trust, and problematic smartphone use : a moderated mediation model

Annoni, Anna Maria ; Petrocchi, Serena ; Camerini, Anne-Linda ; Marciano, Laura

In: International journal of environmental research and public health, 2021, vol. 18, no. 5, p. 15 p

Background: The pervasiveness of smartphones has raised concerns about an increase in the prevalence of problematic smartphone use (PSU), which depends on a set of psychological and behavioral risk factors. Previous research has yielded mixed results on factors predicting PSU, including social anxiety and trust. In particular, the role of trust remained largely unexplored. In the present study,...

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Università della Svizzera italiana

Lymphocyte doubling time in chronic lymphocytic leukemia modern era : a real-life study in 848 unselected patients

Baumann, Tycho ; Moia, Riccardo ; Gaidano, Gianluca ; Delgado, Julio ; Condoluci, Adalgisa ; Villamor, Neus ; Payedimarri, Anil Babu ; Costa, Dolors ; Patriarca, Andrea ; Jiménez-Vicente, Carlos ; Rossi, Davide ; Montserrat, Emili

In: Leukemia, 2021, p. 7 p

The prognostic significance of lymphocyte doubling time (LDT) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) was identified when the biology of the disease was poorly understood and therapy was not effective. We assessed the clinical and biological significance of LDT in 848 CLL patients in a real-life setting and the context of new biomarkers and effective therapy. A short LDT (≤12 months) was...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Higher-order connections between stereotyped subsets : implications for improved patient classification in CLL

Agathangelidis, Andreas ; Chatzidimitriou, Anastasia ; Gemenetzi, Katerina ; Giudicelli, Veronique ; Karypidou, Maria ; Plevova, Karla ; Davis, Zadie ; Yan, Xiao-Jie ; Jeromin, Sabine ; Schneider, Christof ; Bredo-Pedersen, Lone ; Tschumper, Renee C. ; Sutton, Lesley-Ann ; Baliakas, Panagiotis ; Scarfò, Lydia ; van Gastel, Ellen J. ; Armand, Marine ; Tausch, Eugen ; Biderman, Bella ; Baer, Constance ; Bagnara, Davide ; Navarro, Alba ; Langlois de Septenville, Anne ; Guido, Valentina ; Mitterbauer-Hohendanner, Gerlinde ; Dimovski, Aleksandar ; Brieghel, Christian ; Lawless, Sarah ; Meggendorfer, Manja ; Braazdilova, Kamila ; Ritgen, Matthias ; Facco, Monica ; Tresoldi, Cristina ; Visentin, Andrea ; Patriarca, Andrea ; Catherwood, Mark ; Bonello, Lisa ; Sudarikov, Andrey ; Vanura, Katrina ; Roumelioti, Maria ; Skuhrova-Francova, Hana ; Moysiadis, Theodoros ; Veronese, Silvio ; Giannopoulos, Krzysztof ; Mansouri, Larry ; Karan-Djurasevic, Teodora ; Sandaltzopoulos, Raphael ; Bödör, Csaba ; Fais, Franco ; Kater, Arnon ; Panovska, Irina ; Rossi, Davide ; Alshemmari, Salem ; Panagiotidis, Panagiotis ; Costeas, Paul ; Espinet Solà, Blanca ; Antic, Darko ; Foroni, Letizia ; Montillo, Marco ; Trentin, Livio ; Stavroyianni, Niki ; Gaidano, Gianluca ; Francia di Celle, Paola ; Niemann, Carsten ; Campo, Elias ; Anagnostopoulos, Achilles ; Pott, Christiane ; Fischer, Kirsten ; Hallek, Michael ; Oscier, David ; Stilgenbauer, Stephan ; Haferlach, Claudia ; Jelinek, Diane ; Chiorazzi, Nicholas ; Pospisilova, Sarka ; Lefranc, Marie-Paule ; Kossida, Sofia ; Langerak, Anton W. ; Belessi, Chrysoula ; Davi, Frederic ; Rosenquist, Richard ; Ghia, Paolo ; Stamatopoulos, Kostas

In: Blood, 2020, vol. 137, no. 10, p. 1365–1376

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is characterized by the existence of subsets of patients with (quasi)identical, stereotyped B cell receptor immunoglobulins (BcR IG). Patients in certain major stereotyped subsets often display remarkably consistent clinicobiological profiles, suggesting that the study of BcR IG stereotypy in CLL has important implications for understanding disease...

Università della Svizzera italiana

International prognostic score for asymptomatic early-stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Condoluci, Adalgisa ; Terzi di Bergamo, Lodovico ; Langerbeins, Petra ; Hoechstetter, Manuela A. ; Herling, Carmen D. ; De Paoli, Lorenzo ; Delgado, Julio ; Rabe, Kari G. ; Gentile, Massimo ; Doubek, Michael ; Mauro, Francesca R. ; Chiodin, Giorgia ; Mattsson, Mattias ; Bahlo, Jasmin ; Cutrona, Giovanna ; Kotaskova, Jana ; Deambrogi, Clara ; Smedby, Karin E. ; Spina, Valeria ; Bruscaggin, Alessio ; Wu, Wei ; Moia, Riccardo ; Bianchi, Elena ; Gerber, Bernhard ; Zucca, Emanuele ; Gillessen, Silke ; Ghielmini, Michele ; Cavalli, Franco ; Stussi, Georg ; Hess, Mark A. ; Baumann, Tycho S. ; Neri, Antonino ; Ferrarini, Manlio ; Rosenquist, Richard ; Forconi, Francesco ; Foà, Robin ; Pospisilova, Sarka ; Morabito, Fortunato ; Stilgenbauer, Stephan ; Döhner, Hartmut ; Parikh, Sameer A. ; Wierda, William G. ; Montserrat, Emili ; Gaidano, Gianluca ; Hallek, Michael ; Rossi, Davide

In: Blood, 2020, vol. 135, no. 21, p. 1859–1869

Most patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) are diagnosed with early-stage disease and managed with active surveillance. The individual course of patients with early-stage CLL is heterogeneous, and their probability of needing treatment is hardly anticipated at diagnosis. We aimed at developing an international prognostic score to predict time to first treatment (TTFT) in patients...

Università della Svizzera italiana

CD49d promotes disease progression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia : new insights from CD49d bimodal expression

Tissino, Erika ; Pozzo, Federico ; Benedetti, Dania ; Caldana, Chiara ; Bittolo, Tamara ; Rossi, Francesca Maria ; Bomben, Riccardo ; Nanni, Paola ; Chivilò, Hillarj ; Cattarossi, Ilaria ; Zaina, Eva ; Norris, Kevin ; Polesel, Jerry ; Gentile, Massimo ; Tripepi, Giovanni ; Moia, Riccardo ; Santinelli, Enrico ; Innocenti, Idanna ; Olivieri, Jacopo ; D’Arena, Giovanni ; Laurenti, Luca ; Zaja, Francesco ; Pozzato, Gabriele ; Chiarenza, Annalisa ; Di Raimondo, Francesco ; Rossi, Davide ; Pepper, Chris ; Hartmann, Tanja Nicole ; Gaidano, Gianluca ; Del Poeta, Giovanni ; Gattei, Valter ; Zucchetto, Antonella

In: Blood, 2020, vol. 135, no. 15, p. 1244–1254

CD49d is a remarkable prognostic biomarker of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The cutoff value for the extensively validated 30% of positive CLL cells is able to separate CLL patients into 2 subgroups with different prognoses, but it does not consider the pattern of CD49d expression. In the present study, we analyzed a cohort of 1630 CLL samples and identified the presence of ∼20% of CLL...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Biological and clinical implications of BIRC3 mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Diop, Fary ; Moia, Riccardo ; Favini, Chiara ; Spaccarotella, Elisa ; De Paoli, Lorenzo ; Bruscaggin, Alessio ; Spina, Valeria ; Terzi-di-Bergamo, Lodovico ; Arruga, Francesca ; Tarantelli, Chiara ; Deambrogi, Clara ; Rasi, Silvia ; Adhinaveni, Ramesh ; Patriarca, Andrea ; Favini, Simone ; Sagiraju, Sruthi ; Jabangwe, Clive ; Kodipad, Ahad A. ; Peroni, Denise ; Mauro, Francesca R. ; Del Giudice, Ilaria ; Forconi, Francesco ; Cortelezzi, Agostino ; Zaja, Francesco ; Bomben, Riccardo ; Rossi, Francesca Maria ; Visco, Carlo ; Chiarenza, Annalisa ; Rigolin, Gian Matteo ; Marasca, Roberto ; Coscia, Marta ; Perbellini, Omar ; Tedeschi, Alessandra ; Laurenti, Luca ; Motta, Marina ; Donaldson, David ; Weir, Phil ; Mills, Ken ; Thornton, Patrick ; Lawless, Sarah ; Bertoni, Francesco ; Del Poeta, Giovanni ; Cuneo, Antonio ; Follenzi, Antonia ; Gattei, Valter ; Boldorini, Renzo Luciano ; Catherwood, Mark ; Deaglio, Silvia ; Foà, Robin ; Gaidano, Gianluca ; Rossi, Davide

In: Haematologica, 2020, vol. 105, no. 2, p. 448-456

BIRC3 is a recurrently mutated gene in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) but the functional implications of BIRC3 mutations are largely unexplored. Furthermore, little is known about the prognostic impact of BIRC3 mutations in CLL cohorts homogeneously treated with first-line fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, and rituximab (FCR). By immunoblotting analysis, we showed that the non-canonical...

Université de Fribourg

Corona Immunitas: study protocol of a nationwide program of SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and seroepidemiologic studies in Switzerland

West, Erin A. ; Anker, Daniela ; Amati, Rebecca ; Richard, Aude ; Wisniak, Ania ; Butty, Audrey ; Albanese, Emiliano ; Bochud, Murielle ; Chiolero, Arnaud ; Crivelli, Luca ; Cullati, Stéphane ; d'Acremont, Valérie ; Epure, Adina Mihaela ; Fehr, Jan ; Flahault, Antoine ; Fornerod, Luc ; Frank, Irène ; Frei, Anja ; Michel, Gisela ; Gonseth, Semira ; Guessous, Idris ; Imboden, Medea ; Kahlert, Christian R. ; Kaufmann, Laurent ; Kohler, Philipp ; Mösli, Nicolai ; Paris, Daniel ; Probst-Hensch, Nicole ; Rodondi, Nicolas ; Stringhini, Silvia ; Vermes, Thomas ; Vollrath, Fabian ; the Corona Immunitas Research Group

In: International Journal of Public Health, 2020, vol. 65, no. 9, p. 1529–1548

Objectives Seroprevalence studies to assess the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the general population and subgroups are key for evaluating mitigation and vaccination policies and for understanding the spread of the disease both on the national level and for comparison with the international community. Methods Corona Immunitas is a research program of coordinated, population-based,...