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Università della Svizzera italiana

Electrolyte and acid-base disorders triggered by aminoglycoside or colistin therapy : a systematic review

Scoglio, Martin ; Bronz, Gabriel ; Rinoldi, Pietro O. ; Faré, Pietro B. ; Betti, Céline ; Bianchetti, Mario G. ; Simonetti, Giacomo D. ; Gennaro, Viola ; Renzi, Samuele ; Lava, Sebastiano A. G. ; Milani, Gregorio P.

In: Antibiotics, 2021, vol. 10, no. 2, p. 9

Aminoglycoside or colistin therapy may alter the renal tubular function without decreasing the glomerular filtration rate. This association has never been extensively investigated. We conducted a systematic review of the literature following the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta- Analyses recommendations. Databases searched included United States National Library of...

Université de Fribourg

Early Miocene herpetofaunas from the Greek localities of Aliveri and Karydia – bridging a gap in the knowledge of amphibians and reptiles from the early Neogene of southeastern Europe

Georgalis, Georgios L. ; Villa, Andrea ; Ivanov, Martin ; Roussiakis, Socrates ; Skandalos, Panagiotis ; Delfino, Massimo

In: Historical Biology, 2019, vol. 31, no. 8, p. 1045–1064

We here describe new remains of amphibians and reptiles from the early Miocene (MN 4) of two different Greek localities, Aliveri and Karydia. The newly described material consists of urodelans, alytids, indeterminate anurans, turtles, crocodylians, lacertids, indeterminate scincomorphs, anguids, colubrids, viperids, and indeterminate snakes. The presence of the frog Latonia cf. gigantea in...