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RepliComment : Identifying clones in code comments

Blasi, Arianna ; Stulova, Nataliia ; Gorla, Alessandra ; Nierstrasz, Oscar

In: Journal of systems and software, 2021, vol. 182, p. 14

Code comments are the primary means to document implementation and facilitate program comprehension. Thus, their quality should be a primary concern to improve program maintenance. While much effort has been dedicated to detecting bad smells, such as clones in code, little work has focused on comments. In this paper we present our solution to detect clones in comments that developers should...

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Guest Editorial to the Special Issue on MoDELS 2006

Nierstrasz, Oscar ; Whittle, Jon

In: Software & Systems Modeling, 2008, vol. 7, no. 4, p. 381-382