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Darwin to plate tectonics

Bowler, Peter J ; Valentine, James W. ; Hoffman, Antoni

In: Palaeobiology : a synthesis, 1990, p. 541-555

Université de Fribourg

Bootstrapping a Hedonic Price Index: Experience from Used Cars Data

Beer, Michael

In: AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis, 2007, vol. 91, no. 1, p. 77-92

Every hedonic price index is an estimate of an unknown economic parameter. It depends, in practice, on one or more random samples of prices and characteristics of a certain good. Bootstrap resampling methods provide a tool for quantifying sampling errors. Following some general reflections on hedonic elementary price indices, this paper proposes a case-based, a model-based, and a wild bootstrap...

Université de Fribourg

The Econometric Foundations of Hedonic Elementary Price Indices

Brachinger, Hans Wolfgang ; Beer, Michael

Hedonic methods are currently considered state-of-the-art for handling quality changes when compiling consumer price indices. The present article proposes first a mathematical description of characteristics and of elementary aggregates. In a following step, a hedonic econometric model is formulated and hedonic elementary population indices are defined. These indices extend from simple indices...

Université de Fribourg

Rate and synchronicity of environmental changes on a shallow carbonate platform (Late Oxfordian, Swiss Jura Mountains)

Strasser, André ; Védrine, Stéphanie ; Stienne, Noémie

In: Sedimentology, 2012, vol. 59, no. 1, p. 185–211

Recent global change occurs within decades and leaves a significant imprint on shallow carbonate platforms. To what extent can rate and synchronicity of environmental changes in the past be evaluated in order to allow comparisons with the processes and products of today? Sections of a carbonate-dominated platform of Late Oxfordian age have been logged in detail in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The...

Université de Fribourg

Allogenic and autogenic processes combined in the formation of shallow-water carbonate sequences (Middle Berriasian, Swiss and French Jura Mountains)

Tresch, Jonas ; Strasser, André

In: Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 2011, vol. 104, no. 2, p. 299-322

Sediment production and accumulation on shallow carbonate platforms are controlled by allogenic, externally controlled processes (such as sea level, climate, and/or platform-wide subsidence patterns) as well as by autogenic factors that are inherent to the sedimentary system (such as lateral migration of sediment bodies). The challenge is to determine how and in which proportion these...

Université de Fribourg

History of the Middle Berriasian transgression on the Jura carbonate platform : revealed by high-resolution sequence- and cyclostratigraphy (Switzerland and France)

Tresch, Jonas ; Strasser, André

In: International Journal of Earth Sciences, 2010, vol. 99, no. 1, p. 139-163

The Middle Berriasian deposits of the Jura platform in Switzerland and France have already been well studied in terms of high-resolution sequence stratigraphy and different orders of depositional sequences (large-, medium-, and small-scale) have been defined. The hierarchical stacking pattern of the sequences and the time span represented by the investigated interval imply that sea-level...

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Beyond the bones

Hutchinson, John R. ; Gatesy, Stephen M.

In: Nature. Macmillan Journals, 2006, vol. 440, p. 292

Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne


Behrensmeyer, Anna K. ; Fürsich, Franz Theodor.

In: Palaeobiology : a synthesis, 1990, p. 231