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Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne

Mammal-like tooth from the Upper Triassic of Germany

Lucas, Spencer G.

In: Journal of vertebrate paleontology, 2001, vol. 21, no. 2, p. 397

Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne

A new hominid from the Upper Miocene of Chad, Central Africa

Brunet, Michel

In: Nature. Macmillan Journals, 2002, vol. 418, p. 145

Université de Fribourg

An abelisauroid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the early Jurassic of the high atlas mountains, Morocco, and the radiation of Ceratosaurs

Allain, Ronan ; Tykoski, Ronald ; Aquesbi, Najat ; Jalil, Nour-Eddine ; Monbaron, Michel ; Russell, Dale ; Taquet, Philippe

In: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 2007, vol. 27, no. 3, p. 610–624

The fossil record of abelisauroid carnivorous dinosaurs was previously restricted to Cretaceous sediments of Gondwana and probably Europe. The discovery of an incomplete specimen of a new basal abelisauroid, Berberosaurus liassicus, gen. et sp. nov., is reported from the late Early Jurassic of Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. Phylogenetic analysis recovers Ceratosauroidea and Coelophysoidea as...

Université de Fribourg

Silencing urokinase in the ventral tegmental area in vivo induces changes in cocaine-induced hyperlocomotion

Bahi, Amine ; Boyer, Frederic ; Kafri, Tal ; Dreyer, Jean-Luc

In: Journal of Neurochemistry, 2006, vol. 98, no. 5, p. 1619–1631

Serine proteases in the nervous system have functional roles in neural plasticity. Among them, urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) exerts a variety of functions during development, and is involved in learning and memory. Furthermore, psychostimulants strongly induce uPA expression in the mesolimbic dopaminergic pathway. In this study, doxycycline-regulatable lentiviruses expressing either...

Université de Fribourg

NPR1 modulates cross-talk between salicylate- and jasmonate-dependent defense pathways through a novel function in the cytosol

Spoel, Steven H. ; Koornneef, Annemart ; Claessens, Susanne M. C. ; Korzelius, Jerôme P. ; Pelt, Johan A. van ; Mueller, Martin J. ; Buchala, Antony J. ; Métraux, Jean-Pierre ; Brown, Rebecca ; Kazan, Kemal ; Loon, L. C. van ; Dong, Xinnian ; Pieterse, Corné M. J.

In: The Plant Cell, 2003, vol. 15, p. 760

Plant defenses against pathogens and insects are regulated differentially by cross-communicating signal transduction pathways in which salicylic acid (SA) and jasmonic acid (JA) play key roles. In this study, we investigated the molecular mechanism of the antagonistic effect of SA on JA signaling. Arabidopsis plants unable to accumulate SA produced 25-fold higher levels of JA and showed enhanced...

Université de Fribourg

Large-scale gene discovery in the oomycete Phytophthora infestans reveals likely components of phytopathogenicity shared with true fungi

Dwyer, Rex A. ; Huitema, Edgar ; Beyer, Katinka ; Cvitanich, Cristina ; Kelkar, Hemant ; Ah Fong, Audrey M. V. ; Gates, Krista ; Roberts, Samuel ; Yatzkan, Einat ; Gaffney, Thomas ; Law, Marcus ; Testa, Antonino ; Torto-Alalibo, Trudy ; Zhang, Meng ; Zheng, Li ; Mueller, Elisabeth ; Windass, John ; Binder, Andres ; Birch, Paul R. J. ; Gisi, Ulrich ; Govers, Francine ; Gow, Neil A. ; Mauch, Felix ; West, Pieter van ; Waugh, Mark E. ; Yu, Jun ; Boller, Thomas ; Kamoun, Sophien ; Lam, Stephen T. ; Judelson, Howard S.

In: Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 2005, vol. 18(3), p. 229

To overview the gene content of the important pathogen Phytophthora infestans, large-scale cDNA and genomic sequencing was performed. A set of 75,757 high-quality expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from P. infestans was obtained from 20 cDNA libraries representing a broad range of growth conditions, stress responses, and developmental stages. These included libraries from P....

Université de Fribourg

A basal sauropod dinosaur from the Early Jurassic of Morocco

Allain, Ronan ; Aquesbi, Najat ; Dejax, Jean ; Meyer, Christian ; Monbaron, Michel ; Montenat, Christian ; Richir, Philippe ; Rochdy, Mohammed ; Russell, Dale ; Taquet, Philippe

In: Comptes Rendus Palevol, 2004, vol. 3(3), p. 199

Continental strata of Early Jurassic age are seldom exposed, and little is known of the history of sauropod dinosaurs prior to the Middle Jurassic radiation of neosauropods. Well-preserved skeletons and skulls have not been recovered from strata older than the Middle Jurassic. Here we report, in the Early Jurassic of the Moroccan High Atlas, the discovery of the skeleton, including cranial...

Université de Fribourg

Reconstructions of the continents around the North Atlantic at about the 60th parallel

Torsvik, Trond H. ; Van der Voo, Rob ; Meert, Joseph G. ; Mosar, Jon ; Walderhaug, Harald J.

In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2001, vol. 187(1-2), p. 55

Late Carboniferous–Early Tertiary apparent polar wander (APW) paths (300–40 Ma) for North America and Europe have been tested in various reconstructions. These paths demonstrate that the 500 fathom Bullard et al. fit is excellent from Late Carboniferous to Late Triassic times, but the continental configuration in northern Pangea changed systematically between the Late Triassic (ca. 214 Ma)...

Université de Fribourg

Nonlinearities, feedbacks and critical thresholds within the earth's climate system

Rial, José A. ; Pielke, Roger A. ; Beniston, Martin ; Claussen, Martin ; Canadell, Josep ; Cox, Peter ; Held, Hermann ; Noblet-Ducoudré, Nathalie de ; Prinn, Ronald ; Reynolds, James F. ; Salas, José D.

In: Climatic Change, 2004, vol. 65, p. 11

The Earth's climate system is highly nonlinear: inputs and outputs are not proportional, change is often episodic and abrupt, rather than slow and gradual, and multiple equilibria are the norm. While this is widely accepted, there is a relatively poor understanding of the different types of nonlinearities, how they manifest under various conditions, and whether they reflect a climate system...