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Université de Fribourg

Coupling of electronic and nuclear motion in a negative ion resonance: Experimental and theoretical study of benzene

Allan, Michael ; Čurík, Roman ; Čársky, Petr

In: The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2019, vol. 151, no. 6, p. 064119

We present calculated and measured elastic and vibrational excitation cross sections in benzene with the objective to assess the reliability of the theoretical method and to shed more light on how the electronic motion of the incoming electron is coupled with the nuclear motion of the vibrations. The calculation employed the discrete momentum representation method which involves solving the...

Université de Fribourg

Excited-state band mapping and momentum-resolved ultrafast population dynamics in In/Si(111) nanowires investigated with XUV-based time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Nicholson, Christopher W. ; Puppin, M. ; Lücke, A. ; Gerstmann, U. ; Krenz, M. ; Schmidt, W. G. ; Rettig, L. ; Ernstorfer, R. ; Wolf, M.

In: Physical Review B, 2019, vol. 99, no. 15, p. 155107

We investigate the excited state electronic structure of the model phase transition system In/Si(111) using femtosecond time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (trARPES). An extreme ultraviolet 500 kHz laser source at 21.7 eV is utilized both to map the energy of excited states above the Fermi level and follow the momentum-resolved population dynamics on a femtosecond timescale....

Université de Fribourg

Dissociative electron attachment and electronic excitation in Fe(CO)5

Allan, Michael ; Lacko, M. ; Papp, P. ; Matejčík, Š. ; Zlatar, Matija ; Fabrikant, Ilya I. ; Kočišek, J. ; Fedor, Juraj

In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, vol. 20, no. 17, p. 11692–11701

In a combined experimental and theoretical study we characterize dissociative electron attachment (DEA) to, and electronically excited states of, Fe(CO)5. Both are relevant for electron-induced degradation of Fe(CO)5. The strongest DEA channel is cleavage of one metal–ligand bond that leads to production of Fe(CO)4−. High- resolution spectra of Fe(CO)4− reveal fine structures at the...

Université de Fribourg

Shape and core-excited resonances in thiophene

Loupas, Alexandra ; Regeta, Khrystyna ; Allan, Michael ; Gorfinkiel, Jimena D.

In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2018, vol. 122, no. 4, p. 1146–1155

We present a comprehensive study of resonance formation in electron collisions with thiophene. Detailed calculations have been performed using the ab initio R-matrix method. Absolute differential cross sections for electron impact excitation up to 18 eV and for two scattering angles, 90 and 135°, have been measured. Agreement between the calculated and measured experimental cross sections is...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Threshold Photoelectron Spectrum of Isolated NTCDA

Fischer, Kathrin H. ; Fischer, Ingo ; Bodi, Andras

In: Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie, 2011, vol. 225, no. 6-7, p. 715-722