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Université de Fribourg

Two-dimensional conical dispersion in ${\mathrm{ZrTe}}_{5}$ evidenced by optical spectroscopy

Martino, Edoardo ; Crassee, Iris ; Eguchi, Gaku ; Santos-Cottin, David ; Zhong, R. D. ; Gu, G. D. ; Berger, H. ; Rukelj, Zoran ; Orlita, M. ; Homes, Chris C. ; Akrap, Ana

In: Physical Review Letters, 2019, vol. 122, no. 21, p. 217402

Zirconium pentatelluride was recently reported to be a 3D Dirac semimetal, with a single conical band, located at the center of the Brillouin zone. The cone’s lack of protection by the lattice symmetry immediately sparked vast discussions about the size and topological or trivial nature of a possible gap opening. Here, we report on a combined optical and transport study of ZrTe5, which...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Electronic structure and optical properties of TaC from the first principles calculation

Sahnoun, M. ; Daul, C. ; Parlebas, J. C. ; Demangeat, C. ; Driz, M.

In: The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, 2005, vol. 44, no. 3, p. 281-286

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Optical properties of germanium dioxide in the rutile structure

Sahnoun, M. ; Daul, C. ; Khenata, R. ; Baltache, H.

In: The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, 2005, vol. 45, no. 4, p. 455-458

Université de Fribourg

Anomalous anisotropic exciton temperature dependence in rutile ${\mathrm{TiO}}_{2}$

Baldini, Edoardo ; Dominguez, Adriel ; Chiodo, Letizia ; Sheveleva, Evgeniia ; Yazdi-Rizi, Meghdad ; Bernhard, Christian ; Rubio, Angel ; Chergui, and Majed

In: Physical Review B, 2017, vol. 96, no. 4, p. 041204

Elucidating the details of electron-phonon coupling in semiconductors and insulators is a topic of pivotal interest, as it governs the transport mechanisms and is responsible for various phenomena such as spectral-weight transfers to phonon sidebands and self-trapping. Here, we investigate the influence of the electron-phonon interaction on the excitonic peaks of rutile TiO2, revealing a strong...

Université de Fribourg

High-quality photonic crystals with a nearly complete band gap obtained by direct inversion of woodpile templates with titanium dioxide

Marichy, Catherine ; Muller, Nicolas ; Froufe-Pérez, Luis S. ; Scheffold, Frank

In: Scientific Reports, 2016, vol. 6, p. 21818

Photonic crystal materials are based on a periodic modulation of the dielectric constant on length scales comparable to the wavelength of light. These materials can exhibit photonic band gaps; frequency regions for which the propagation of electromagnetic radiation is forbidden due to the depletion of the density of states. In order to exhibit a full band gap, 3D PCs must present a threshold...

Université de Fribourg

Prospecting lighting applications with ligand field tools and density functional theory: a first-principles account of the 4f⁷–4f⁶5d¹ Luminescence of CsMgBr₃:Eu²⁺

Ramanantoanina, Harry ; Cimpoesu, Fanica ; Göttel, Christian ; Sahnoun, Mohammed ; Herden, Benjamin ; Suta, Markus ; Wickleder, Claudia ; Urland, Werner ; Daul, Claude

In: Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, vol. 54, no. 17, p. 8319–8326

The most efficient way to provide domestic lighting nowadays is by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) technology combined with phosphors shifting the blue and UV emission toward a desirable sunlight spectrum. A route in the quest for warm-white light goes toward the discovery and tuning of the lanthanide-based phosphors, a difficult task, in experimental and technical respects. A proper theoretical...