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Università della Svizzera italiana

Adolf Loos à Vienne, Paris et Prague : habiter l’Europe de l’entre-deux-guerres

Poulot, Cécile ; Hildebrand, Sonja (Dir.) ; Trautmann-Waller, Céline (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2020 ; 2021ARC001.

This thesis examines the second part of the career of the architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933) from the end of the First World War until 1933, and especially after his departure from Vienna in 1923. From the mid-1920’s onwards, Loos built, projected and published between France, Czechoslovakia and Austria. Our working hypothesis is that, far from being a period "in hollow" as historiography has...

Université de Fribourg

Mandatory civil marriage according to Swiss law: Superfluous historical remnant or building block in the fight against forced marriages?

Pahud de Mortanges, René ; Leitz, Barnaby

(IR-Papers ; 3)

In the 19th century, the prohibition of religious weddings prior to state marriages had the objective of enforcing the right to marriage and preventing discriminatory practices, particularly those of the Catholic Church. While this is no longer pertinent, mandatory civil marriage has a new raison d'être in today's age of migration. The state thereby requires and ensures that marriages in...

Université de Fribourg

Correspondances inédites de Gustave Doret avec Théodore Dubois, Gustave Charpentier, Henry Février, Florent Schmitt et Jacques Ibert

Vincent, Delphine

In: Schweizer Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft - Annales Suisses de Musicologie - Annuario Svizzero di Musicologia, 2017, vol. 37, p. 113-148

Gustave Doret is the best-known French-speaking Swiss composer. He is nowadays usually associated with the Fêtes des vignerons and regional music. The publication of his correspondence with five French composers (Théodore Dubois, Gustave Charpentier, Henry Février, Florent Schmitt, Jacques Ibert) shows that he was much more than a local musician. This correspondence covers his entire...

Université de Fribourg

Das Leben ist Synchronisation : Möglichkeiten und Formen sozialer Teilhabe vor dem Hintergrund atypischer Arbeitszeiten

Stadler, Bettina ; Schönauer, Annika ; Arlinghaus, Anna ; Saupe, Bernhard ; Eichmann, Hubert

In:, 2020, vol. 3, no. 4, p. Article: 3.4

The influence of atypical working hours, i.e. long working hours or working hours outside the usual hours, on health and accident risks is well documented. Less well documented is the relationship between atypical working hours and the opportunities for social participation. In this paper we present the results of a qualitative survey on work-time related impairments of social participation...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Hermann, Marc: Leib und (A-)Moral. Ideologie- und Moralkritik im Werk von Zhang Ailing

Jaguscik, Justyna

In: Asiatische Studien - Études Asiatiques, 2015, vol. 69, no. 4, p. 1091-1096