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Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Financial Literacy aus Sicht von Lehrpersonen an beruflichen Schulen in der Schweiz : Eine Mixed-Methods-Studie zu deren domänenspezifischen Vorstellungen

Leumann, Seraina ; Aprea, Carmela

In: Zeitschrift für ökonomische Bildung, 2016, no. 4, p. 36-64

School lessons are affected by a complex set of influencing factors – school-related, class-related and lesson-related factors – as well as individual learning requirements. In this regard, the characteristics of the teacher is an important influencing factor, with the teacher’s own conceptions playing a central role. Teachers’ conceptions reflect what they perceive mentally in view...

Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Representing Swiss vocational education and training teachers’ domain-specific conceptions of financial literacy using concept maps

Leumann, Seraina

In: Citizenship, Social and Economics Education, 2017, vol. 16, no. 1, p. 19-38

Issues related to financial matters are an integral component of the curricula in vocational education and training in Switzerland. However, the differences between students’ competences are caused not only by the curricula but by multiple factors. One key factor is teachers’ characteristics that support successful learning processes. Teachers’ conceptions with respect to general or...

Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Dialogue transdisciplinaire sur l’évaluation en temps de crise - Critiques et Perspectives

Roblez, Alban ; Biancarelli, Lorenza ; Gremion, Christophe

In: Évaluer. Journal international de recherche en éducation et formation, 2020, vol. Numéro Hors-série, no. 1, p. 237-243

The crisis is here perceived and used as an opportunity for three forms of expression by critical turns of different disciplines – philosophy of education, psychoanalytical topology, and educational sciences – in dialogue. We aspire to orient ourselves towards potential alternative currents, steps on the side, to appreciate in a different way, a vigilance to re-read activities, of which...

Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Situating Vocational Learning and Teaching Using Digital Technologies - A Mapping Review of Current Research Literature

Dobricki, Martin ; Evi-Colombo, Alessia ; Cattaneo, Alberto

In: International Journal for Research in Vocational Education and Training (IJRVET), 2020, vol. 7, no. 3, p. 344–360

Context: The ongoing change of work life by digital technologies requires vocational educa-tion and training (VET) to adapt constantly. This "digital transformation" of work life gives therefore rise to the question how to advance the use of digital technologies in VET. A pos-sible answer may be found by considering that VET should be transferable to work life. This goal may be achieved by...

Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Concevoir des formations facilitant l’émergence de nouvelles significations face à des évènements inédits et critiques : Dossier Cours d’action = Training design fostering the emergence of new meanings in relation to unprecedented and critical events

Flandin, Simon ; Salini, Deli ; Drakos, Artemis ; Poizat, Germain

In: activités, 2021, p. 1-27

Our research is part of a technological research program in adult education conducted in relation to the “course of action” program. Using the activity-sign hypothesis of this program, training situations are viewed as opportunities to perturb/relaunch the participants’ dynamics of meaning. Our contribution aims to (i) improve the conceptualization of training situations that are...

Université de Fribourg

Location Prediction over Sparse User Mobility Traces Using RNNs : Flashback in Hidden States!

Yang, Dingqi ; Fankhauser, Benjamin ; Rosso, Paolo ; Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe

In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020, p. 2184-2190

Location prediction is a key problem in human mobility modeling, which predicts a user's next location based on historical user mobility traces. As a sequential prediction problem by nature, it has been recently studied using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs). Due to the sparsity of user mobility traces, existing techniques strive to improve RNNs by considering spatiotemporal contexts. The...

Université de Fribourg

Networking and Storage : The Next Computing Elements in Exascale Systems?

Lerner, Alberto ; Hussein, Rana ; Ryser, André ; Lee, Sangjin ; Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe

In: IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, 2020, vol. 43, no. 1, p. 60-71

Many large computer clusters offer alternative computing elements in addition to general-purpose CPUs. GPU and FPGAs are very common choices. Two emerging technologies can further widen the options in that context: in-network computing (INC) and near-storage processing (NSP). These technologies support computing over data that is in transit between nodes or inside the storage stack,...

Université de Fribourg

The influence of auditor term length and term limits on US state general obligation bond ratings

Schelker, Mark

In: Public Choice, 2012, vol. 150, p. 27-49

Improving transparency and enabling the principal to hold its agents accountable is a major issue in any principal agent relationship. This paper focuses on the role of public auditors in this task and presents evidence on the impact of auditor term length and term limits on government performance measured by state credit ratings at the US State level. I find no clear evidence for the...

Université de Fribourg

« Mais voici que Pan de sa flûte recommence à jouer » : une étude de la renaissance du solo pour flûte en France entre 1913 et 1936

Vincent, Delphine

In: Schweizer Jahrbuch für Musikwissenschaft - Annales Suisses de Musicologie - Annuario Svizzero di Musicologia, 2009, vol. 28-29, p. 195-258

Localisée en France avant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, la renaissance de la flûte seule a fait l’objet d’un grand nombre d’études. Ce répertoire a été évalué dans la perspective du renouveau « interne » du langage musical des avant-gardes ou dans une perspective évolutionniste, tendant à souligner l’exploitation croissante d’effets élargissant les virtualités techniques et...

Haute Ecole de Santé de Fribourg

Comment développer le savoir émancipatoire chez les infirmières ?

Curty, Mallaury

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute Ecole de Santé de Fribourg, 2020.

Introduction/ Recension des écrits Certains contextes politiques actuels favorisent les inégalités en matière de soins et de santé. L’étude du développement du savoir émancipatoire pour lutter contre ces inégalités est alors une problématique actuelle pertinente. Buts Les buts de cette revue sont d’exposer les facteurs facilitants et les facteurs entravant le développement du...