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Université de Fribourg

Long-ranged Cu-based order with $$d_{z^2}$$ orbital character at a YBa2Cu3O7/ manganite interface

Gaina, Roxana ; Nicholson, Christopher W. ; Rumo, Maxime ; Sarkar, Subhrangsu ; Khmaladze, Jarji ; Paris, Eugenio ; Tseng, Yi ; Zhang, Wenliang ; Asmara, Teguh C. ; McNally, Daniel ; Piamonteze, Cinthia ; Weschke, Eugen ; Schmitt, Thorsten ; Monney, Claude ; Bernhard, Christian

In: npj Quantum Materials, 2021, vol. 6, no. 1, p. 12

The interplay of nearly degenerate orders in quantum materials can lead to a myriad of emergent phases. A prominent case is that of the high-Tc cuprates for which the relationship between superconductivity and a short-ranged, incommensurate charge density wave in the CuO2 planes involving the dx2−y2 orbitals (Cu-CDW) is a subject of great current interest. Strong modifications of the...

Université de Fribourg

Understanding A.I. — Can and Should we Empathize with Robots?

Schmetkamp, Susanne

In: Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 2020, vol. 11, p. 881–897

Expanding the debate about empathy with human beings, animals, or fictional characters to include human-robot relationships, this paper proposes two different perspectives from which to assess the scope and limits of empathy with robots: the first is epistemological, while the second is normative. The epistemological approach helps us to clarify whether we can empathize with artificial...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Liquidity analysis in the LNG market, illustrating the stakes to become a mature commodity market

Millet, Ludovic ; Piller, Robert (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2020 ; TDIBM 89.

With the environmental considerations being at the heart of the decade, and the energy industry being regarded as a negative contributor, more environmentally friendly ways to power generation are being studied. However, fossil energies are still a major contributor to power generation, and greener substitutes face a hard time to be commercialised at big scale. Natural gas, a fossil energy...

Université de Fribourg

Collective modes in excitonic insulators: Effects of electron-phonon coupling and signatures in the optical response

Murakami, Yuta ; Golež, Denis ; Kaneko, Tatsuya ; Koga, Akihisa ; Millis, Andrew J. ; Werner, Philipp

In: Physical Review B, 2020, vol. 101, no. 19, p. 195118

We consider a two-band spinless model describing an excitonic insulator (EI) on the two-dimensional square lattice with anisotropic hopping parameters and electron-phonon (el-ph) coupling, inspired by the EI candidate Ta2NiSe5. We systematically study the nature of the collective excitations in the ordered phase which originates from the interband Coulomb interaction and the el-ph coupling. ...

Université de Fribourg

Estimating the phylogeny of geoemydid turtles (Cryptodira) from landmark data: an assessment of different methods

Ascarrunz​, Eduardo ; Claude, Julien ; Joyce, Walter G.

In: PeerJ, 2019, vol. 7, p. e7476

Background: In the last 20 years, a general picture of the evolutionary relationships between geoemydid turtles (ca. 70 species distributed over the Northern hemisphere) has emerged from the analysis of molecular data. However, there is a paucity of good traditional morphological characters that correlate with the phylogeny, which are essential for the robust integration of fossil and...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Jaw musculature during the dawn of turtle evolution

Werneburg, Ingmar

In: Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 2013, vol. 13, no. 2, p. 225-254