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Université de Fribourg

A new glirid-like cricetid from the lower Oligocene of Southern China

Lu, Xiao-Yu ; Ni, Xijun ; Maridet, Olivier

In: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 2021, p. e1917587

Here we report a new cricetid s.l., Caecocricetodon yani, gen. et sp. nov., discovered in the early Oligocene of the Caijiachong Formation in Yunnan Province, China. The new cricetid differs from all known cricetids or stem muroids by its particular molar pattern displaying numerous crests and spurs. Our phylogenetic analysis based on a matrix including 42 taxa and 72 characters indicates...

Université de Fribourg

Cold-water coral mound archive provides unique insights into intermediate water mass dynamics in the alboran sea during the last deglaciation

Fentimen, Robin ; Feenstra, Eline ; Rüggeberg, Andres ; Vennemann, Torsten ; Hajdas, Irka ; Adatte, Thierry ; Van Rooij, David ; Foubert, Anneleen

In: Frontiers in Marine Science, 2020, vol. 7, p. -

The Alboran Sea is widely recognized to host numerous cold-water coral ecosystems, including the East Melilla Coral Province. Yet, their development through time and response to climatic variability has still to be fully understood. Based on a combined investigation of benthic foraminiferal assemblages, foraminiferal stable isotope compositions, grain size analysis, sediment geochemistry, and...

Université de Fribourg

Soft, implantable bioelectronic interfaces for translational research

Schiavone, Giuseppe ; Fallegger, Florian ; Kang, Xiaoyang ; Barra, Beatrice ; Vachicouras, Nicolas ; Roussinova, Evgenia ; Furfaro, Ivan ; Jiguet, Sébastien ; Seáñez, Ismael ; Borgognon, Simon ; Rowald, Andreas ; Li, Qin ; Qin, Chuan ; Bézard, Erwan ; Bloch, Jocelyne ; Courtine, Grégoire ; Capogrosso, Marco ; Lacour, Stéphanie P.

In: Advanced Materials, 2020, vol. 32, no. 17, p. 1906512

The convergence of materials science, electronics, and biology, namely bioelectronic interfaces, leads novel and precise communication with biological tissue, particularly with the nervous system. However, the translation of lab‐ based innovation toward clinical use calls for further advances in materials, manufacturing and characterization paradigms, and design rules. Herein, a ...

Université de Fribourg

Versatile macroscale concentration gradients of nanoparticles in soft nanocomposites

Taladriz‐Blanco, Patricia ; Rothen‐Rutishauser, Barbara ; Petri‐Fink, Alke ; Balog, Sandor

In: Small, 2020, vol. 16, no. 6, p. 1905192

Nanocomposite materials benefit from the diverse physicochemical properties featured by nanoparticles, and the presence of nanoparticle concentration gradients can lend functions to macroscopic materials beyond the realm of classical nanocomposites. It is shown here that linearity and time‐shift invariance obtained via the synergism of two independent physical phenomena—translational...

Université de Fribourg

Predicting climate change impacts on the threatened Quercus arbutifolia in montane cloud forests in southern China and Vietnam: Conservation implications

Song, Yi-Gang ; Petitpierre, Blaise ; Denga, Min ; Wu, Jin-Ping ; Kozlowski, Gregor

In: Forest Ecology and Management, 2019, vol. 444, p. 269–279

Trees of montane cloud forests (MCFs) often have small and isolated populations and face numerous threats. Due to limited conservation resources, management decisions are often based on scarce biological information. This study investigated the current status of populations of the critically endangered oak species Quercus arbutifolia in southern China, including its distribution, threats,...

Haute Ecole pédagogique Fribourg

Le testing provincial de l’Ontario vu par les enseignants : opportunité de développement professionnel ou obligation de faire réussir leurs élèves aux tests ?

Yerly, Gonzague

In: Évaluer. Journal international de recherche en éducation et formation, 2018, vol. 4, no. 3, p. 79-103

In the early 2000s, the Province of Ontario has implemented an ambitious system of standardized testing of pupils’ achievement to enhance the performance of its educational system. Ontario's testing policy differentiates both traditional accountability systems (hard or soft). The testing has increased the province's results and improved alignment of the curriculum. But what about teachers...

Université de Fribourg

Glass transition of soft colloids

Philippe, Adrian-Marie ; Truzzolillo, Domenico ; Galvan-Myoshi, Julian ; Dieudonné-George, Philippe ; Trappe, Véronique ; Berthier, Ludovic ; Cipelletti, Luca

In: Physical Review E, 2018, vol. 97, no. 4, p. 040601

We explore the glassy dynamics of soft colloids using microgels and charged particles interacting by steric and screened Coulomb interactions, respectively. In the supercooled regime, the structural relaxation time τα of both systems grows steeply with volume fraction, reminiscent of the behavior of colloidal hard spheres. Computer simulations confirm that the growth of τα on approaching...