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Haute Ecole de Gestion & Tourisme

Data mining in Bioprocesses – Knowledge discovery in databases (IIG part)

Artero, Christopher ; Schumann, René (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute Ecole de Gestion & Tourisme, 2021.

The purpose of this thesis is to create clusters from historical data with and without domain knowledge. The method used to cluster the data with domain knowledge is a pattern matching sequence and the method done without domain knowledge is a clustering algorithm that will be defined later. The data had to be retrieved from four old databases, then prepared to be clustered. A...

Haute Ecole de Gestion & Tourisme

Sunstainable Farming Serious Game

Castagna, Romain ; Glassey Balet, Nicole (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute Ecole de Gestion & Tourisme, 2020.

Ce travail de Bachelor a été conçu en collaboration avec M. Buchs, étudiant en Master de la Haute École Pédagogique du Valais (HEP VS). Il a pour but de proposer le prototype numérique d’un jeu didactique mettant en avant l’influence du climat sur la production de denrées agricoles à travers le monde. Dans ce contexte, ce dernier a imaginé le scénario d’une simulation de type...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Disentangling individual phases in the hunted vs. farmed meat supply chain : exploring hunters’ perceptions in Italy

Marescotti, Maria Elena ; Demartini, Eugenio ; Gibbert, Michael ; Viganò, Roberto ; Gaviglio, Anna

In: Foods, 2021, vol. 10, no. 1, p. 15 p

The growing body of literature concerning the hunted wild game meat (HWGM) supply chain is mainly focused on the final consumer, while little is known about upstream production processes. Even though the hunter plays a central role here, it is not well understood how hunters themselves perceive their role in the various phases of the production process. The present study explores Italian...

Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries

Metabolic insights from zebrafish genetics, physiology, and chemical biology

Schlegel, Amnon ; Gut, Philipp

In: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 2015, vol. 72, no. 12, p. 2249-2260

Université de Fribourg

Enigmatic dinosaur precursors bridge the gap to the origin of Pterosauria

Ezcurra, Martín D. ; Nesbitt, Sterling J. ; Bronzati, Mario ; Vecchia, Fabio Marco Dalla ; Agnolin, Federico L. ; Benson, Roger B. J. ; Egli, Federico Brissón ; Cabreira, Sergio F. ; Evers, Serjoscha W. ; Gentil, Adriel R. ; Irmis, Randall B. ; Martinelli, Agustín G. ; Novas, Fernando E. ; Silva, Lúcio Roberto da ; Smith, Nathan D. ; Stocker, Michelle R. ; Turner, Alan H. ; Langer, Max C.

In: Nature, 2020, vol. 588, no. 2020-7838, p. 445–449

Pterosaurs were the first vertebrates to evolve powered flight1 and comprised one of the main evolutionary radiations in terrestrial ecosystems of the Mesozoic era (approximately 252–66 million years ago), but their origin has remained an unresolved enigma in palaeontology since the nineteenth century2,3,4. These flying reptiles have been hypothesized to be the close relatives of a wide...

Haute école de gestion de Genève

Explorative market research on a family farm business in Switzerland : how can a family farm business effectively implement a marketing strategy in order to be profitable and grow in the meat industry in Switzerland ?

Weber, Jenny ; Connerton, Timothy (Dir.)

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute école de gestion de Genève, 2020 ; TDIBM 77.

On average, three farms disappear every day in Switzerland. Small-scaled farms are the most affected by this downturn (Conrad Widmer, 2019). However, larger farms (over 50 ha) have increased. The consequence of this trend is that larger farms represent now a bigger share in Switzerland farming market, at the expense of smaller farms. How can small farms survive in this fast changing and...

Université de Fribourg

Returns to farm child labor in Tanzania

André, Pierre ; Delesalle, Esther ; Dumas, Christelle

(Working Papers SES ; 502)

In developing countries, the opportunity costs of children’s time can significantly hinder universal education. This paper studies one of these opportunity costs: we estimate the agricultural productivity of children aged 10 to 15 years old using the LSMS-ISA panel survey in Tanzania. Since child labor can be endogenous, we exploit the panel structure of the data and instrument child labor...

Université de Fribourg

Old Restorations and New Discoveries in the Nativity Church, Bethlehem

Bacci, Michele

In: Convivium : exchanges and interactions in the arts of medieval Europe, Byzantium, and the Mediterranean, 2015, vol. 2, no. 2, p. 36-59

Since 2010 the Nativity Church in Bethlehem underwent a number of significant restoration works, including the refurbishing of the wooden roof, the consolidation of the Armenian door, and, starting from March 2015, the cleaning and consolidation of the mosaic surfaces. This recent work lead to important discoveries, including the recovery of the figure of an angel which had been hidden under the...