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Università della Svizzera italiana

Adolf Loos à Vienne, Paris et Prague : habiter l’Europe de l’entre-deux-guerres

Poulot, Cécile ; Hildebrand, Sonja (Dir.) ; Trautmann-Waller, Céline (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2020 ; 2021ARC001.

This thesis examines the second part of the career of the architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933) from the end of the First World War until 1933, and especially after his departure from Vienna in 1923. From the mid-1920’s onwards, Loos built, projected and published between France, Czechoslovakia and Austria. Our working hypothesis is that, far from being a period "in hollow" as historiography has...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Sensor-based recognition of engagement during work and learning activities

Di Lascio, Elena ; Santini, Silvia (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Università della Svizzera italiana, 2021 ; 2021INFO011.

Personal computing systems like e.g., laptop, smartphone, and smartwatches are nowadays ubiquitous in people's everyday life. People use such systems not only for communicating or searching for information, but also as digital companions, able to track and support their daily activities such as sleep, food intake, physical exercise and even work. Sensors embedded in personal computing systems...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Probabilistic models with deep neural networks

Masegosa, Andrés R. ; Cabañas, Rafael ; Langseth, Helge ; Nielsen, Thomas D. ; Salmerón, Antonio

In: Entropy, 2021, vol. 23, no. 1, p. 27 p

Recent advances in statistical inference have significantly expanded the toolbox of probabilistic modeling. Historically, probabilistic modeling has been constrained to very restricted model classes, where exact or approximate probabilistic inference is feasible. However, developments in variational inference, a general form of approximate probabilistic inference that originated in statistical...