Olympic Review

Olympic Review
Right from its foundation en 1894, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was aware of the need to support the Olympic ideal in order to promote it sufficiently. In addition, the main driving force behind the IOC, Pierre de Coubertin, was not just a visionary educator, but also a journalist.
In 1894, a few weeks after the International Conference at the Sorbonne in Paris, the IOC's first official publication appeared; and this has continued, with various titles and despite two gaps, until today.
  • 1894–1895 Bulletin du Comité International des Jeux Olympiques (in French)
  • 1896 Supplément du Messager d'Athènes (in French)
  • 1897-1900 no publication
  • 1901-1914 Revue Olympique (in French)
  • 1915 Bulletin du Comité International Olympique (in French)
  • 1916-1925 no publication
  • 1926-1938 Bulletin Officiel du Comité International Olympique (in French)
  • 1939-1944 Revue Olympique = Olympic Review = Olympische Rundschau
  • 1946-1967 Bulletin du Comité International Olympique (in French)
  • 1967-1969 Lettre d'informations (in French) Newsletter (in English)
  • 1970-> Revue Olympique (in French) Olympic Review (in English)

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