Université de Fribourg

Rate and synchronicity of environmental changes on a shallow carbonate platform (Late Oxfordian, Swiss Jura Mountains)

Strasser, André ; Védrine, Stéphanie ; Stienne, Noémie

In: Sedimentology, 2012, vol. 59, no. 1, p. 185–211

Recent global change occurs within decades and leaves a significant imprint on shallow carbonate platforms. To what extent can rate and synchronicity of environmental changes in the past be evaluated in order to allow comparisons with the processes and products of today? Sections of a carbonate-dominated platform of Late Oxfordian age have been logged in detail in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The...

Université de Fribourg

The glass-melting crucibles of Derrière Sairoche (1699–1714 AD, Ct. Bern, Switzerland): a petrological approach

Eramo, Giacomo

In: Journal of Archaeological Science, 2006, vol. 33(3), p. 440-452

Forty-three sherds of crucible found in the pre-industrial (1699–1714 AD) forest glassworks of Derrière Sairoche (Ct. Bern, Switzerland) were studied in order to determine the nature of raw materials and the technological aspects of their production and use. The samples were analysed using optical microscopy, XRD, XRF, UV–VIS spectrometry and SEM/EDS. The crucibles were produced with local...

Université de Fribourg

Facies, cycles, and controls on the evolution of a keep-up carbonate platform (Kimmeridgian, Swiss Jura)

Colombié, Claude ; Strasser, André

In: Sedimentology, 2005, vol. 52(6), p. 1207

During the Late Jurassic, accelerated ocean-floor spreading and associated sea-level rise were responsible for a worldwide transgression, which reached its maximum in the Late Kimmeridgian. In many Western European basins, this major sea-level rise led to the formation of marly and condensed sections. In the Swiss Jura, however, a shallow carbonate platform kept growing and only subtle changes in...