Université de Fribourg

A new species of the large-headed coastal marine turtle Solnhofia (Testudinata, Thalassochelydia) from the Late Jurassic of NW Switzerland

Anquetin, Jérémy ; Püntener, Christian

In: PeerJ, 2020, vol. 8, p. e9931

Background: The large-headed turtle Solnhofia parsonsi is known by a handful of specimens from the Late Jurassic of Germany and Switzerland (maybe also France). Solnhofia parsonsi is traditionally regarded as a “eurysternid” Thalassochelydia, a group of small to medium sized, mostly lagoonal or marginal turtles found almost exclusively in the Late Jurassic of Europe. More recently,...

Université de Fribourg

Carbon- and oxygen-isotope records of palaeoenvironmental and carbonate production changes in shallow-marine carbonates (Kimmeridgian, Swiss Jura)

Colombié, Claude ; Lécuyer, Christophe ; Strasser, André

In: Geological Magazine, 2011, vol. 148, p. 133-153

Carbon- and oxygen-isotope ratios are commonly used to correlate shallow- and deep-marine successions. Carbon- and oxygen-isotope analyses were performed on bulk-carbonate samples from two Kimmeridgian sections of the Swiss Jura platform in order to correlate them with biostratigraphically well-dated coeval sections in the adjacent basin. On the platform, a general decrease in δ¹³C and...

Université de Fribourg

Astronomical time scale for the middle Oxfordian to late Kimmeridgian in the Swiss and French Jura mountains

Strasser, André

In: Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 2007, vol. 100, no. 3, p. 407-429

Detailed investigation of facies and sedimentary structures reveals that, during the Middle Oxfordian to Late Kimmeridgian, the shallow carbonate platform of the Swiss and French Jura Mountains recorded high-frequency sea-level fluctuations quite faithfully. The cyclostratigraphic analysis within the established biostratigraphic and sequence-chronostratigraphic framework implies that the...

Université de Fribourg

Tethyan-to-boreal correlation in the Kimmeridgian using high-resolution sequence stratigraphy (Vocontian Basin, Swiss Jura, Boulonnais, Dorset)

Colombié, C. ; Rameil, Niels

In: International Journal of Earth Sciences, 2007, vol. 96, no. 3, p. 567-591

Ammonite biostratigraphy plays a central role in the definition of Jurassic stratigraphy. Nevertheless, the strong provincialism of European ammonite species during the Kimmeridgian is a long-standing problem in correlation attempts between the boreal and Tethyan faunal realms. Moreover, the sequence-stratigraphic interpretations for northern and southern Europe given in the Jurassic...

Université de Fribourg

Facies, cycles, and controls on the evolution of a keep-up carbonate platform (Kimmeridgian, Swiss Jura)

Colombié, Claude ; Strasser, André

In: Sedimentology, 2005, vol. 52(6), p. 1207

During the Late Jurassic, accelerated ocean-floor spreading and associated sea-level rise were responsible for a worldwide transgression, which reached its maximum in the Late Kimmeridgian. In many Western European basins, this major sea-level rise led to the formation of marly and condensed sections. In the Swiss Jura, however, a shallow carbonate platform kept growing and only subtle changes in...