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Head-to-head comparison of FNA cytology vs. calcitonin measurement in FNA washout fluids (FNA-CT) to diagnose medullary thyroid carcinoma : A systematic review and meta-analysis

Trimboli, Pierpaolo ; Giannelli, Jacopo ; Marques, Bernardo ; Piccardo, Arnoldo ; Crescenzi, Anna ; Deandrea, Maurilio

In: Endocrine, 2022, no. 75, p. 33–39

Purpose: The sensitivity of cytology after fine needle aspiration (FNA-cytology) in detecting medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) is low. To overcome this problem, measuring calcitonin (CT) in washout fluid of FNA (FNA-CT) has been largely diffused and showed good performance. However, no evidence-based study exists comparing systematically the sensitivity of FNA-cytology and FNA-CT. This study...

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Artificial intelligence in thyroid field : a comprehensive review

Bini, Fabiano ; Pica, Andrada ; Azzimonti, Laura ; Giusti, Alessandro ; Ruinelli, Lorenzo ; Marinozzi, Franco ; Trimboli, Pierpaolo

In: Cancers, 2021, vol. 13, no. 19, p. 18

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses mathematical algorithms to perform tasks that require human cognitive abilities. AI-based methodologies, e.g., machine learning and deep learning, as well as the recently developed research field of radiomics have noticeable potential to transform medical diagnostics. AI-based techniques applied to medical imaging allow to detect biological abnormalities, to...

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Dati evidence-based sulla affidabilità dei sistemi ecografici per la stratificazione del rischio di malignità del nodulo tiroideo (TIRADS)

Trimboli, Pierpaolo ; Scappaticcio, Lorenzo ; Castellana, Marco

In: L'endocrinologo, 2021, vol. 22, no. 3, p. 225–230

L’esame strumentale più comunemente utilizzato per valutare il rischio di malignità del nodulo tiroideo è l’ecografia. Con questo esame è possibile individuare posizione, dimensioni e caratteristiche del nodulo. Dal momento che l’uso dei singoli aspetti ecografici di sospetto ha dimostrato una bassa riproducibilità nell’indicazione all’agoaspirato, nel corso degli ultimi anni...

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Thyroid sequelae of COVID-19 : a systematic review of reviews

Trimboli, Pierpaolo ; Camponovo, Chiara ; Scappaticcio, Lorenzo ; Bellastella, Giuseppe ; Piccardo, Arnoldo ; Rotondi, Mario

In: Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, 2021, vol. 22, no. 2, p. 485-491

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has the potential to cause multi- organ effects including endocrine disorders. The impact of COVID-19 on the thyroid gland has been described but several aspects have to be clarified. The systematic review was conceived to achieve more solid information about: 1) which thyroid...

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Impact of COVID-19 on the thyroid gland : an update

Scappaticcio, Lorenzo ; Pitoia, Fabián ; Esposito, Katherine ; Piccardo, Arnoldo ; Trimboli, Pierpaolo

In: Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, 2020, p. 13

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is the pandemic of the new millennium. COVID-19 can cause both pulmonary and systemic inflammation, potentially determining multi-organ dysfunction. Data on the relationship between COVID-19 and thyroid have been emerging, and rapidly increasing since March 2020. The thyroid gland and the virus infection with its associated inflammatory-immune responses are...

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The ultrasound risk stratification systems for thyroid nodule have been evaluated against papillary carcinoma : a meta-analysis

Trimboli, Pierpaolo ; Castellana, Marco ; Piccardo, Arnoldo ; Romanelli, Francesco ; Grani, Giorgio ; Giovanella, Luca ; Durante, Cosimo

In: Reviews in endocrine and metabolic disorders, 2020, p. 8 p

Thyroid imaging reporting and data systems (TIRADS) are used to stratify the malignancy risk of thyroid nodule by ultrasound (US) examination. We conducted a meta-analysis to evaluate the pooled cancer prevalence and the relative prevalence of papillary, medullary, follicular thyroid cancer (PTC, MTC, and FTC) and other malignancies among nodules included in studies evaluating their...

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Diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for prolonged SARS-CoV-2 viral shedding in lower respiratory tract samples of critically ill patients

Buetti, Niccolò ; Trimboli, Pierpaolo ; Mazzuchelli, Timothy ; Lo Priore, Elia ; Balmelli, Carlo ; Trkola, Alexandra ; Conti, Marco ; Martinetti, Gladys ; Elzi, Luigia ; Ceschi, Alessandro ; Consonni, Vera ; Ogna, Adam ; Forni-Ogna, Valentina ; Bernasconi, Enos

In: Endocrine, 2020, p. 7 p

The length of time a critically ill coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patient remains infectious and should therefore be isolated remains unknown. This prospective study was undertaken in critically ill patients to evaluate the reliability of single negative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) in lower tracheal aspirates (LTA) in predicting a second negative test and to analyze...