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    Université de Fribourg

    Magnetic-field effects on one-dimensional Anderson localization of light

    Schertel, Lukas ; Irtenkauf, Oliver ; Aegerter, Christof M. ; Maret, Georg ; Aubry, Geoffroy J.

    In: Physical Review A, 2019, vol. 100, no. 4, p. 043818

    Transport of coherent waves in multiple-scattering media may exhibit fundamental, nonintuitive phenomena such as halt of diffusion by disorder called Anderson localization. For electromagnetic waves, this phenomenon was observed only in one and two dimensions so far. However, none of these experiments studied the contribution of reciprocal paths nor their manipulation by external fields. In...

    Université de Fribourg

    The structural colors of photonic glasses

    Schertel, Lukas ; Siedentop, Lukas ; Meijer, Janne-Mieke ; Keim, Peter ; Aegerter, Christof M. ; Aubry, Geoffroy J. ; Maret, Georg

    In: Advanced Optical Materials, 2019, p. 1900442

    The color of materials usually originates from a combination of wavelength‐dependent absorption and scattering. Controlling the color without the use of absorbing dyes is of practical interest, not only because of undesired bleaching properties of dyes but also regarding minimization of environmental and health issues. Color control without dyes can be achieved by tuning the material's...