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Firm linkages, innovation and the evolution of urban systems = Réseaux d'entreprises, innovation et systèmes urbains

Rozenblat, Céline ; Pumain, Denise

In: Cities in Globalization: Practices, policies and Theories, 2007, p. 130-156

Because a city cannot be conceived of as an isolated system but is always part of a system of cities (Berry, 1964), interaction between cities is an essential component of the dynamics of urban systems. Each town or city is a persistent and relatively autonomous entity whose evolution is influenced or limited by the towns and cities in the same interaction networks (Pred, 1977). It has been...

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Rozenblat, Céline ; Pumain, Denise

In: Changing cities : international perspectives, 2004, p. 91-105

European integration is for its essential part reflected in the building of urban networks that are increasing interdependencies between cities. Evidence of this process is brought through the observation of a variety of networks whose nodes are located in cities, especially the development of international functions. Analysis of airlines networks (2000) as well as the economic linkages between...

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Tissus de villes: Réseaux et systèmes urbains en Europe : Habilitation à diriger des recherches = Urban systems and networks in Europe

Rozenblat, Céline ; XXX, xxx (Dir.)

Habilitation : Université de Lausanne, 2004.

Cet ouvrage résume 15 ans de recherches de l'auteur sur les systèmes urbains en Europe et en particulier leur rapport avec l'organisation des réseaux des entreprises multinationales

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Tissus de Réseaux : Parcours scientifique HDR

Rozenblat, Céline

Mémoire de diplôme universitaire : Université de Lausanne, 2004.

Université de Lausanne

Les villes européennes : Analyse comparative

Rozenblat, Céline ; Cicille, Patricia

Paris : La Documentation française, 2003

ISBN: 9782110053626