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    Université de Neuchâtel

    Determining sedimentation ages of high-grade metamorphic gneisses by their palynological record : a case study in the northern Schwarzwald (Variscan Belt, Germany)

    Hanel, Michael ; Montenari, M. ; Kalt, Angelika

    In: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 1999, vol. 88, no. 1, p. 49-59

    In the northern Schwarzwald (Moldanubian Zone of the Variscan belt), paragneisses drilled from approximately 2500 m depth at the Bühl-1 drilling site have experienced amphibolite-facies metamorphism and were later partly transformed to mylonites under greenschist-facies conditions. Completely graphitised acritarchs and chitinozoans were recovered from these paragneisses and mylonitic gneisses....