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Université de Fribourg

Salivary gland macrophages and tissue-resident CD8+ T cells cooperate for homeostatic organ surveillance

Stolp, Bettina ; Thelen, Flavian ; Ficht, Xenia ; Altenburger, Lukas M. ; Ruef, Nora ; Inavalli, V. V. G. Krishna ; Germann, Philipp ; Page, Nicolas ; Moalli, Federica ; Raimondi, Andrea ; Keyser, Kirsten A. ; Jafari, S. Morteza Seyed ; Barone, Francesca ; Dettmer, Matthias S. ; Merkler, Doron ; Iannacone, Matteo ; Sharpe, James ; Schlapbach, Christoph ; Fackler, Oliver T. ; Nägerl, U. Valentin ; Stein, Jens V.

In: Science Immunology, 2020, vol. 5, no. 46, p. eaaz4371

It is well established that tissue macrophages and tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells (TRM) play important roles for pathogen sensing and rapid protection of barrier tissues. In contrast, the mechanisms by which these two cell types cooperate for homeostatic organ surveillance after clearance of infections is poorly understood. Here, we used intravital imaging to show that TRM dynamically...

Université de Fribourg

In vivo function of the lipid raft protein flotillin-1 during cd8+ t cell–mediated host surveillance

Ficht, Xenia ; Ruef, Nora ; Stolp, Bettina ; Samson, Guerric P. B. ; Moalli, Federica ; Page, Nicolas ; Merkler, Doron ; Nichols, Ben J. ; Diz-Muñoz, Alba ; Legler,, Daniel F. ; Niggli, Verena

In: The Journal of Immunology, 2019, p. -

Flotillin-1 (Flot1) is an evolutionary conserved, ubiquitously expressed lipid raft– associated scaffolding protein. Migration of Flot1-deficient neutrophils is impaired because of a decrease in myosin II–mediated contractility. Flot1 also accumulates in the uropod of polarized T cells, suggesting an analogous role in T cell migration. In this study, we analyzed morphology and migration...

Université de Fribourg

Initial viral inoculum determines kinapse-and synapse-like t cell motility in reactive lymph nodes

Sivapatham, Sujana ; Ficht, Xenia ; Albuquerque, Juliana Barreto de ; Page, Nicolas ; Merkler, Doron ; Stein, Jens V.

In: Frontiers in Immunology, 2019, vol. 10, p. -

T cell activation in lymphoid tissue occurs through interactions with cognate peptide- major histocompatibility complex (pMHC)-presenting dendritic cells (DCs). Intravital imaging studies using ex vivo peptide-pulsed DCs have uncovered that cognate pMHC levels imprint a wide range of dynamic contacts between these two cell types. T cell—DC interactions vary between transient,...