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Neuroticism and internet addiction : What is next? A systematic conceptual review

Marciano, Laura ; Camerini, Anne-Linda ; Schulz, Peter J.

In: Personality and individual differences, 2022, vol. 185, p. 10

The personality trait of neuroticism (N) has consistently shown to be a risk factor for Internet Addiction (IA). Review literature, however, looked at this in bivariate analyses only. To the best of our knowledge, we conducted the first review that systematically and conceptually summarized results based on the inclusion of additional factors, thus coming closer to the complex nature of the ...

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Recommendations on screen time, sleep and physical activity : associations with academic achievement in Swiss adolescents

Marciano, Laura ; Camerini, Anne-Linda

In: Public health, 2021, vol. 198, p. 211-217

Objectives: This study aimed to investigate how meeting international recommendations for screen time (<2 h/day), moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA; at least 60 min/day) and sleep (8e10 h/night), as well as media multitasking (MMI) as a form of screen time, impact academic achievement in early adolescence. Study design: A prospective design was used, where self-report measures...

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How smartphone use becomes problematic : application of the ALT-SR model to study the predicting role of personality traits

Marciano, Laura ; Schulz, Peter Johannes ; Camerini, Anne-Linda

In: Computers in human behavior, 2021, vol. 119, no. June, p. 14 p

Smartphones have become a ubiquitous part of adolescents' life, and studies have repeatedly revealed a positive association between smartphone use (SU) and problematic smartphone use (PSU). However, longitudinal research investigating the reciprocal relationship among SU and PSU during adolescence are scarce, and studies that take into consideration personality traits as predisposing factors...

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The relationship between social anxiety, smartphone use, dispositional trust, and problematic smartphone use : a moderated mediation model

Annoni, Anna Maria ; Petrocchi, Serena ; Camerini, Anne-Linda ; Marciano, Laura

In: International journal of environmental research and public health, 2021, vol. 18, no. 5, p. 15 p

Background: The pervasiveness of smartphones has raised concerns about an increase in the prevalence of problematic smartphone use (PSU), which depends on a set of psychological and behavioral risk factors. Previous research has yielded mixed results on factors predicting PSU, including social anxiety and trust. In particular, the role of trust remained largely unexplored. In the present study,...

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Neuroticism in the digital age : a meta-analysis

Marciano, Laura ; Camerini, Anne-Linda ; Schulz, Peter J.

In: Computers in human behavior reports, 2020, vol. 2, no. August–December, p. 14 p

The pervasiveness of the Internet has raised concern about its (problematic) use and the potentially negative impact on people's health. Neuroticism has been identified as one potential risk factor of Internet and other online addictions. To obtain a comprehensive quantitative synthesis of the association of neuroticism and both overall and problematic Internet activities, a meta-analysis was...

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Cyberbullying perpetration and victimization among children and adolescents : a systematic review of longitudinal studies

Camerini, Anne-Linda ; Marciano, Laura ; Carrara, Anna ; Schulz, Peter J.

In: Telematics and informatics, 2020, vol. 49, no. June, p. 13 p

In this systematic review of exclusively longitudinal studies on cyberbullying perpetration and victimization among adolescents, we identified 76 original longitudinal studies published between 2007 and 2017. The majority of them approached middle school students in two waves at 6 or 12 months apart. Prevalence rates for cyberbullying perpetration varied between 5.3 and 66.2 percent, and for...