Université de Fribourg

Some like it cold: distribution, ecology and phylogeny of Arenaria bernensis Favarger (Caryophyllaceae) from the western Prealps in Switzerland

Berthouzoz, Marjorie ; Maendly, Simon ; Bétrisey, Sébastien ; Mangili, Sofia ; Prunier, Patrice ; Lexer, Christian ; Kozlowski, Gregor

In: Alpine Botany, 2013, vol. 123, no. 2, p. 65–75

Arenaria bernensis (Caryophyllaceae), traditionally placed within the Arenaria ciliata aggregate and discovered only in 1955, is a poorly studied endemic taxon of western Prealps in Switzerland. In this study, we aimed to deliver the first detailed appraisal on morphology, distribution and ecology of A. bernensis accompanied by first molecular insights into the A. ciliata aggregate using...

Université de Fribourg

‘Next generation’ biogeography: towards understanding the drivers of species diversification and persistence

Lexer, Christian ; Mangili, Sofia ; Bossolini, Eligio ; Forest, Felix ; Stölting, Kai N. ; Pearman, Peter B. ; Zimmermann, Niklaus E. ; Salamin, Nicolas

In: Journal of Biogeography, 2013, p. -

The drivers of species diversification and persistence are of great interest to current biogeography, especially in those global biodiversity ‘hotspots’ harbouring most of Earth's animal and plant life. Classical multispecies biogeographical work has yielded fascinating insights into broad-scale patterns of diversification, and DNA-based intraspecific phylogeographical studies have started to...