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Extreme sleep state misperception : from psychopathology to objective-subjective sleep measures

Castelnovo, Anna ; Ferri, Raffaele ; Galbiati, Andrea ; Rossi, Alessandro ; Zucconi, Marco ; Castronovo, Vincenza ; Strambi, Luigi-Ferini ; Manconi, Mauro

In: International journal of psychophysiology, 2021, vol. 167, p. 77-85

Study objectives: We tested the hypothesis that patients with extreme sleep state misperception display higher levels of psychopathology and reduced quantitative estimation abilities compared to other patients with insomnia. Secondary aims included the evaluation of group differences in subjective self-reported quality of life and sleep quality and objective sleep parameters. Methods: In this...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Contribution of sleep disturbances to fatigue in multiple sclerosis : a prospective study using clinical and polysomnographic parameters

Riccitelli, Gianna C. ; Disanto, Giulio ; Sacco, Rosaria ; Sparasci, Davide ; Sacco, Leonardo ; Castelnovo, Anna ; Miano, Silvia ; Manconi, Mauro ; Gobbi, Claudio ; Zecca, Chiara

In: European journal of neurology, 2021, vol. 28, no. 9, p. 9

Background and purpose: Fatigue is amongst the most frequent and disabling symptoms of multiple sclerosis and a close relation between fatigue and sleep quality has been hypothesized. In this study the contribution of sleep disturbances measured by clinical and polysomnographic parameters to fatigue in multiple sclerosis was investigated. Methods: This was a prospective instrumental study...