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Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-Restauration

Conserver la couleur des spécimens botaniques en fluide : Evaluation de méthodes de préservation de la chlorophylle et des tannins

Latty, Joane

Mémoire de master : Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-Restauration, 2021.

This master thesis is part of the LIQUOR project, of the cultural heritage conservation research unit of the University of Applied Science Arc in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). This project focuses on the conservation of plants in fluid in the context of heritage, to establish recommendations in this regard. The present work deals more specifically with the question of the discoloration of the green...

Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-Restauration

Détermination de stylos-feutres adaptés à une conservation pérenne des autographes sur les vêtements sportifs - Musée Olympique

Latty, Joane

Mémoire de bachelor : Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-Restauration, 2019.

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne found out that some autographs on sports equipments have a tendency to fade with time – and this despite of rather ideal conservation conditions. To partially answer this problem, Mrs Patricia Reymond – collection manager – thought to anticipate by giving the athletes pens with most stable ink. The subject of inks permanency depending on their substratum and...