Université de Fribourg

Phytochrome signalling modulates the SA-perceptive pathway in Arabidopsis

Genoud, Thierry ; Buchala, Antony J. ; Chua, Nam-Hai ; Métraux, Jean-Pierre

In: The Plant Journal, 2002, vol. 31(1), p. 87

The interaction of phytochrome signalling with the SA signal transduction pathway has been investigated in Arabidopsis using single and multiple mutants affected in light perception (phyA and phyB deficient) and light-signal processing (psi2, phytochrome signalling). The induction of PR1 by SA and functional analogues has been found to strictly correlate with the activity of...

Université de Fribourg

Toward a digital database of plant cell signalling networks: advantages, limitations and predictive aspects of the digital model

Treviño Santa Cruz, Marcela Beatriz ; Genoud, Dominique ; Métraux, Jean-Pierre ; Genoud, Thierry

In: Phytochemistry, 2005, vol. 66, p. 267-277

The process of signal integration, which contributes to the regulation of multiple cellular activities, can be described in a digital language by a set of connected digital operations. In this article we delineate the basic concepts of cell signalling in the context of a logical description of information processing. Newly described instances of signal integration in plants are given as examples....