Università della Svizzera italiana

Marine anticancer agents : an overview with a particular focus on their chemical classes

Barreca, Marilia ; Spanò, Virginia ; Montalbano, Alessandra ; Cueto, Mercedes ; Díaz Marrero, Ana R. ; Deniz, Irem ; Erdoğan, Ayşegül ; Lukić Bilela, Lada ; Moulin, Corentin ; Taffin-de-Givenchy, Elisabeth ; Spriano, Filippo ; Perale, Giuseppe ; Mehiri, Mohamed ; Rotter, Ana ; Thomas, Olivier P. ; Barraja, Paola ; Gaudêncio, Susana P. ; Bertoni, Francesco

In: Marine drugs, 2020, vol. 18, no. 12, p. 28

The marine environment is a rich source of biologically active molecules for the treatment of human diseases, especially cancer. The adaptation to unique environmental conditions led marine organisms to evolve different pathways than their terrestrial counterparts, thus producing unique chemicals with a broad diversity and complexity. So far, more than 36,000 compounds have been isolated from...