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Université de Fribourg

Twenty years of European mountain permafrost dynamics—the PACE legacy

Etzelmüller, Bernd ; Guglielmin, Mauro ; Hauck, Christian ; Hilbich, Christin ; Hoelzle, Martin ; Isaksen, Ketil ; Noetzli, Jeanette ; Oliva, Marc ; Ramos, Miguel

In: Environmental Research Letters, 2020, vol. 15, no. 10, p. 104070

This paper reviews and analyses the past 20 years of change and variability of European mountain permafrost in response to climate change based on time series of ground temperatures along a south–north transect of deep boreholes from Sierra Nevada in Spain (37°N) to Svalbard (78°N), established between 1998 and 2000 during the EU-funded PACE (Permafrost and Climate in Europe) project. In...

Université de Fribourg

Geodynamics, seismicity, and seismic hazards of the Caucasus

Ismail-Zadeh, Alik ; Adamia, Shota ; Chabukiani, Aleksandre ; Chelidze, Tamaz ; Cloetingh, Sierd ; Floyd, Michael ; Gorshkov, Alexander ; Gvishiani, Alexei ; Ismail-Zadeh, Tahir ; Kabanh, Mikhail K. ; Kadirov, Fakhraddin ; Karapetyan, Jon ; Kangarli, Talat ; Kiria, Jemal ; Koulakov, Ivan ; Mosar, Jon ; Mumladze, Tea ; Müller, Birgit ; Sadradze, Nino ; Safarov, Rafig ; Schilling, Frank ; Soloviev, Alexander

In: Earth-Science Reviews, 2020, vol. 207, p. 103222

Being a part of ongoing continental collision between the Arabian and Eurasian plates, the Caucasus region is a remarkable site of moderate to strong seismicity, where devastating earthquakes caused significant losses of lives and livelihood. In this article, we survey geology and geodynamics of the Caucasus and its surroundings; magmatism and heat flow; active tectonics and tectonic stresses...

Université de Fribourg

Assessing the impact of diagenesis on foraminiferal geochemistry from a low latitude, shallow-water drift deposit

Stainbank, Stephanie ; Spezzaferri, Silvia ; Boever, Eva De ; Bouvier, Anne-Sophie ; Chilcott, Colin ; Leau, Erica ; Foubert, Anneleen ; Kunkelova, Tereza ; Pichevin, Laetitia ; Raddatz, Jacek ; Rüggeberg, Andres ; D.Wright, James ; M.Yu, Siyao ; Zhang, Manlin ; Kroon, Dick

In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2020, vol. 545, p. 116390

Due to their large heat and moisture storage capabilities, the tropics are fundamental in modulating both regional and global climate. Furthermore, their thermal response during past extreme warming periods, such as super interglacials, is not fully resolved. In this regard, we present high-resolution (analytical) foraminiferal geochemical (δ18O and Mg/Ca) records for the last 1800 kyr from...

Université de Fribourg

Novel insights on the geomagnetic field in West Africa from a new intensity reference curve (0-2000 AD)

Kapper, Lisa ; Serneels, Vincent ; Panovska, Sanja ; Ruíz, Rafael García ; Hellio, Gabrielle ; Groot, Lennart de ; Goguitchaichvili, Avto ; Morales, Juan ; Ruíz, Rubén Cejudo

In: Scientific Reports, 2020, vol. 10, no. 1, p. 1121

The geomagnetic field variations on the continent of Africa are still largely undeciphered for the past two millennia. In spite of archaeological artefacts being reliable recorders of the ancient geomagnetic field strength, only few data have been reported for this continent so far. Here we use the Thellier-Coe and calibrated pseudo- Thellier methods to recover archaeointensity data from...

Université de Fribourg

Cold-water coral mound archive provides unique insights into intermediate water mass dynamics in the alboran sea during the last deglaciation

Fentimen, Robin ; Feenstra, Eline ; Rüggeberg, Andres ; Vennemann, Torsten ; Hajdas, Irka ; Adatte, Thierry ; Van Rooij, David ; Foubert, Anneleen

In: Frontiers in Marine Science, 2020, vol. 7, p. -

The Alboran Sea is widely recognized to host numerous cold-water coral ecosystems, including the East Melilla Coral Province. Yet, their development through time and response to climatic variability has still to be fully understood. Based on a combined investigation of benthic foraminiferal assemblages, foraminiferal stable isotope compositions, grain size analysis, sediment geochemistry, and...

Université de Fribourg

Palynological study of carbonated mounds during the holocene along the atlantic and mediterranean moroccan margins

Rachid, Jihad ; Hssaida, Touria ; Hamoumi, Naima ; Terhzaz, Loubna ; Spezzaferri, Silvia ; Frank, Norbert ; Daghor, Lamia

In: Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 2020, vol. 278, p. 104213

A palynological study of carbonate mounds of Atlantic and Mediterranean Moroccan margins was conducted on sediment boxcores MD13-3441, MD13-3456, MD13-3461, MD13-3465, MD13-3468 collected during the oceanographic cruise MD 194/Eurofleet - GATEWAY, which took place on June 2013.The organic remaining revealed a dominance of dinoflagellate cysts over the continental fraction, which showed very...

Université de Fribourg

Seismic monitoring in the Gugla rock glacier (Switzerland): ambient noise correlation, microseismicity and modelling

Guillemot, Antoine ; Helmstetter, Agnès ; Larose, Éric ; Baillet, Laurent ; Garambois, Stéphane ; Mayoraz, Raphaël ; Delaloye, Reynald

In: Geophysical Journal International, 2020, vol. 221, no. 3, p. 1719–1735

A network of seismometers has been installed on the Gugla rock glacier since October 2015 to estimate seismic velocity changes and detect microseismicity. These two processes are related to mechanical and structural variations occurring within the rock glacier. Seismic monitoring thus allows a better understanding of the dynamics of rock glaciers throughout the year. We observed seasonal...

Université de Fribourg

Estimating glacier-bed overdeepenings as possible sites of future lakes in the de-glaciating Mont Blanc massif (Western European Alps)

Magnin, F. ; Haeberli, W. ; Linsbauer, Andreas ; Deline, P. ; Ravanel, L.

In: Geomorphology, 2020, vol. 350, p. 106913

De-glaciating high mountain areas result in new landscapes of bedrock and debris where permafrost can degrade, persist or even newly form in cases, and of new lakes in glacier bed overdeepenings (GBOs) becoming ice-free. These landscapes with new lakes in close neighborhood to over-steepened and perennially frozen slopes are prone to chain reaction processes (e.g. rock-ice avalanches into...

Université de Fribourg

Foraminiferal-based biotic indices to assess the ecological quality status of the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia): Present limitations and future perspectives

Kateb, Akram El ; Stalder, Claudio ; Martínez-Colón, Michael ; Mateu-Vicens, Guillem ; Francescangeli, Fabio ; Coletti, Giovanni ; Stainbank, Stephanie ; Spezzaferri, Silvia

In: Ecological Indicators, 2020, vol. 111, p. 105962

Biotic indices are tools to assess the ecological status of marine systems, and can be based on different metrics (such as ecological groups, specific diversity). The present study applies five biotic indices based on living (stained) benthic foraminiferal assemblages to assess ecological conditions in a wide area of the Mediterranean Sea in the heavily polluted Gulf of Gabes and along the...

Université de Fribourg

Potential future lakes from continued glacier shrinkage in the Aosta Valley Region (Western Alps, Italy)

Viani, Cristina ; Machguth, Horst ; Huggel, Christian ; Godio, Alberto ; Franco, Diego ; Perotti, Luigi ; Giardino, Marco

In: Geomorphology, 2020, vol. 355, p. 107068

Aosta Valley (Western Alps, Italy) is the region with the largest glacierized area of Italy. Like other high mountain regions, it has shown a significant glacier retreat starting from the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’ that is expected to continue in the future. As a direct consequence of glacier shrinkage, glacier-bed overdeepenings become exposed, offering suitable geomorphological ...