Université de Neuchâtel

Bimetallic ruthenium–tin chemistry: Synthesis and molecular structure of arene ruthenium complexes containing trichlorostannyl ligands

Therrien, Bruno ; Thai, Trieu-Tien ; Freudenreich, Julien ; Süss-Fink, Georg ; Shapovalov, Sergey S. ; Pasynskii, Alexandr A. ; Plasseraud, Laurent

In: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2010, vol. 695, no. 3, p. 409-414

A series of neutral, anionic and cationic arene ruthenium complexes containing the trichlorostannyl ligand have been synthesised from SnCl2 and the corresponding arene ruthenium dichloride dimers [(η6-arene)Ru(μ2-Cl)Cl]2 (arene = C6H6, PriC6H4Me). While the reaction with triphenylphosphine...

Université de Neuchâtel

Hexacatenar liquid-crystalline complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II) based on trialkoxystilbazole esters

Plasseraud, Laurent ; Gonzalez Cuervo, Laura ; Guillon, Daniel ; Süss-Fink, Georg ; Deschenaux, Robert ; Bruce, Duncan W. ; Donnio, Bertrand

In: Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2002, vol. 12, p. 2653-2658

The synthesis and characterisation of 4-(3,4,5-trialkoxybenzoyloxy)pyridines (1a–e), and of their corresponding palladium(II), (2a–e), and platinum(II), (3a–e), complexes are described. The pyridine-based ligands are not mesomorphic, but upon complexation to PdCl2 or PtCl2, new hexacatenar mesogens are formed which show exclusively the hexagonal...

Université de Neuchâtel

Fixation and spontaneous dehydrogenation of methanol on a triruthenium–iridium framework: synthesis and structure of the cluster anion [HRu3Ir(CO)12(OMe)]–

Süss-Fink, Georg ; Plasseraud, Laurent ; Ferrand, Vincent ; Stoeckli-Evans, Helen

In: Chemical Communications, 1999, p. 1959-1960

The anionic mixed-metal cluster [Ru3Ir(CO)13]–1, found to be catalytically active in the carbonylation of methanol, reacts with methanol at 70 °C to give, with O–H activation of the substrate, the cluster anion [HRu3Ir(CO)12(OMe)]–2, which upon prolonged reaction loses formaldehyde to give the cluster anion...

Université de Neuchâtel

[(p-PriC6H4Me)4 Ru4Mo4O16]: an amphiphilic organoruthenium oxomolybdenum cluster presenting a unique framework geometry

Süss-Fink, Georg ; Plasseraud, Laurent ; Ferrand, Vincent ; Stoeckli-Evans, Helen

In: Chemical Communications, 1997, p. 1657-1658

The amphiphilic title compound, easily accessible from (p- cymene)ruthenium dichloride dimer and sodium molybdate in aqueous solution, presents an unprecedented Ru4Mo4O12 framework comprising a central Mo4O4 cube with four folded ORuO flaps resembling the sails of a windmill.