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    Université de Fribourg

    Relationship between rheology and structure of interpenetrating, deforming and compressing microgels

    Conley, Gaurasundar M. ; Zhang, Chi ; Aebischer, Philippe ; Harden, James L. ; Scheffold, Frank

    In: Nature Communications, 2019, vol. 10, no. 1, p. 2436

    Thermosensitive microgels are widely studied hybrid systems combining properties of polymers and colloidal particles in a unique way. Due to their complex morphology, their interactions and packing, and consequentially the viscoelasticity of suspensions made from microgels, are still not fully understood, in particular under dense packing conditions. Here we study the frequency-dependent...

    Université de Fribourg

    Brushlike interactions between thermoresponsive microgel particles

    Scheffold, Frank ; Díaz-Leyva, Pedro ; Reufer, Mathias ; Braham, Nasser Ben ; Lynch, Iseult ; Harden, James L.

    In: Physical Review Letters, 2010, vol. 104, no. 12, p. 128304

    Using a simplified microstructural picture we show that interactions between thermosensitive microgel particles can be described by a polymer brushlike corona decorating the dense core. The softness of the potential is set by the relative thickness L0 of the compliant corona with respect to the overall size of the swollen particle R. The elastic modulus in quenched solid phases derived from the...