Université de Fribourg

Ultrafast Spectroscopic and Matrix Isolation Studies of p-Biphenylyl, o-Biphenylyl, and 1-Naphthylnitrenium Cations

Wang, Jin ; Burdzinski, Gotard ; Zhu, Zhendong ; Platz, Matthew S. ; Carra, Claudio ; Bally, Thomas

In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2007, vol. 129, no. 26, p. 8380-8388

p-Biphenylyl, o-biphenylyl, and 1-naphthyl azides were deposited in argon at low temperature in the presence and absence of HCl. In the absence of HCl, the known electronic and vibrational spectra of the corresponding triplet nitrenes, azirines, and didehydroazepines were observed, whereas in the presence of HCl, photolysis of these azides produces new electronic spectra assigned to...

Université de Fribourg

Experimental and theoretical study of 2,6-difluorophenylnitrene, its radical cation, and their rearrangement products in argon matrices

Carra, Claudio ; Nussbaum, Rafael ; Bally, Thomas

In: ChemPhysChem, 2006, vol. 7(6), p. 1268-1275

2,6-Difluorophenylnitrene was reinvestigated both experimentally, in Ar matrices at 10 K, and computationally, by DFT and CASSCF/CASPT2 calculations. Almost-pure samples of both neutral rearrangement products (the bicyclic azirine and the cyclic ketenimine) of a phenylnitrene were prepared and characterized for the first time. These samples were then subjected to X-irradiation in the presence of...