Working Papers Contemporary History

Working Papers Contemporary History
The "Working Papers Contemporary History" collection is a publication series of research papers presenting ongoing work done in the section of Contemporary History at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). The series was established in 2014 and is peer-reviewed. The presented subjects reflect the broad span of research works and methodological approaches in the Section of Contemporary History and have been encouraged by its academic staff, be it in relation with teaching courses, conferences, workshops or research projects done within this university unit. The contents of the research papers are the sole responsibility of their authors.
Université de Fribourg

Afrika im Radio : Koloniale Afrikahörbilder in der Schweiz, 1945-1970

Wirth, Felix

(Working Papers Histoire Contemporaine ; 4)

Although most Europeans of the 20th Century had never been to Africa, they have a certain idea of this continent, its landscape and its people. Books, films, newspapers and other forms of coverage – mostly made by male, white Europeans – provided a breeding ground for figurative perceptions of Africa (in German-speaking countries so- called «Afrikabilder»). The western audience experienced...