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Université de Fribourg

Gesucht – Gefunden : Vergemeinschaftungs- und Reproduktionsleistungen jüdischer Heiratsvermittler*innen

Affentranger, Sarah

In:, 2020, vol. 1, no. 1, p. Forum:1.1

Jewish matchmaker play an important role in the traditional search for a partner. They can be positioned analytically between the individual, religion and the state, and their work has an impact at both the micro and macro levels. This article examines how Jewish matchmakers contribute to maintaining the transnational community of the Jewish diaspora network. It is shown that Jewish matchmaking...

Université de Fribourg

Konfliktforschung als Grundlage sozialpädagogischer Gewaltprävention

Kilb, Rainer

In:, 2020, vol. 1, no. 5, p. Article: 1.5

Weber, Simmel and Coser classify conflicts as constitutive for groups as well as for social developments. Social conflicts can then have both in-tegrative and disintegrative effects. These sociological findings seem to contradict the mostly negative connotation of conflict today. Con-flicts are almost exclusively perceived as unpleasant and disturbing and are therefore more likely to be avoided....

Université de Fribourg

Kämpfen für die Sache Allahs : Zur Genese dschihadistischer Identitäten

Sheikhzadegan, Amir

In:, 2020, vol. 1, no. 4, p. Article: 1.4

Despite the remarkable quantity and variety of the research on jihadist identities, the state of the research remains disparate and fragmented. That is why the insights gained only insufficiently contribute to a deepening of our understanding of this phenomenon. Such a convergence requires, in a first step, a systematization of the relevant theoretical models and studies. The present contribution...

Université de Fribourg

Häusliche Gewalt : Handlung und Struktur im familialen Beziehungsgefüge

Kersten, Anne

In:, 2020, vol. 1, no. 3, p. Article: 1.3

Domestic violence has become a current topic in politics and science. Research in recent decades has brought to light its extent, possible causes and consequences. In order to assess the socio-political relevance of the topic, a quantifying perspective is usually used as a basis. This article argues that such a perspective is hardly able to grasp the multilayered complexity of domestic violence....

Université de Fribourg

Multiscale community estimation based on temporary local balancing strategy

Zhou, Qiang ; Cai, Shi-Min ; Zhang, Yi-Cheng

In: International Journal of Modern Physics C, 2020, vol. 31, no. 04, p. 2050056

Community division in complex networks has become one of the hot topics in the field of network science. Most of the methods developed based on network topology ignore the dynamic characteristics underlying the structure. By exploring the diffusion process in the network based on random walk, this paper sums up the general rule with temporal characteristics as a temporary local balancing...

Université de Fribourg

Signatures of bosonic excitations in high-harmonic spectra of Mott insulators

Lysne, Markus ; Murakami, Yuta ; Werner, Philipp

In: Physical Review B, 2020, vol. 101, no. 19, p. 195139

The high-harmonic spectrum of the Mott insulating Hubbard model has recently been shown to exhibit plateau structures with cutoff energies determined by nth-nearest- neighbor doublon-holon recombination processes. The spectrum thus allows one to extract the on-site repulsion U. Here, we consider generalizations of the single-band Hubbard model and discuss the signatures of bosonic excitations...

Université de Fribourg

Analysis method for detecting topological defect dark matter with a global magnetometer network

Masia-Roig, Hector ; A.Smiga, Joseph ; Budker, Dmitry ; Dumont, Vincent ; Gruji, Zoran ; Kim, Dongok ; Kimball, Derek F. Jackson ; Lebedev, Victor ; Monroy, Madeline ; Pustelny, Szymon ; Scholtes, Theo ; Segura, Perrin C. ; Semertzidi, Yannis K. ; Shin, Yun Chang ; Stalnaker, Jason E. ; Sulai, Ibrahim ; Weis, Antoine ; Wickenbrock, Arne

In: Physics of the Dark Universe, 2020, vol. 28, p. 100494

The Global Network of Optical Magnetometers for Exotic physics searches (GNOME) is a network of time-synchronized, geographically separated, optically pumped atomic magnetometers that is being used to search for correlated transient signals heralding exotic physics. GNOME is sensitive to exotic couplings of atomic spins to certain classes of dark matter candidates, such as axions. This work...

Université de Fribourg

Adsorption-induced kondo effect in metal-free phthalocyanine on Ag(111)

Granet, J. ; Sicot, M. ; Gerber, I. C. ; Kremer, Geoffroy ; Pierron, T. ; Kierren, B. ; Moreau, L. ; Fagot-Revurat, Y. ; Lamare, S. ; Chérioux, F. ; Malterre, D.

In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2020, vol. 124, no. 19, p. 10441–10452

We report on the formation of a two-dimensional supramolecular Kondo lattice made of organic molecules comprising only C, N, and H atoms, namely metal-free phthalocyanines 2HPc (C32H18N8), adsorbed on a Ag(111) surface. Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (LT-STM/STS), ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS), and density functional theory (DFT) are used to...

Université de Fribourg

Cheminements épistémologiques et discursifs dans l'écriture de recherche en contexte français : les doctorants internationaux en sciences du langage de l'Université de Franche-Comté

Favrat, Sébastien ; Gohard-Radenkovic, Aline (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Fribourg, 2020.

Cette recherche en didactique des langues interroge les difficultés rencontrées par un groupe de doctorants internationaux en sciences du langage dans la conduite et la rédaction de leur thèse. En effet, dans un contexte de massification et d’internationalisation de l’enseignement supérieur français, les unités de recherche hexagonales accueillent en moyenne 40% d’étudiants...

Université de Fribourg

Relationship Processes in Understudied Samples : Implications for Relationship Functioning and Sexuality in Romantic Relationships

Uhlich, Maximiliane ; Schoebi, Dominik (Dir.)

Thèse de doctorat : Université de Fribourg, 2020.

Relationship functioning can be investigated from different angles; next to investigating dyadic outcomes between couples we can also zoom into processes within subjects. Adopting a cultural lens adds another layer, as the cultural context influences norms around intimate relationships, and can be inspected using the framework of Bronfenbrenner´s (1977) ecological systems theory. In more...