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Université de Fribourg

Absolute cross sections for dissociative electron attachment to acetylene and diacetylene

May, Olivier ; Fedor, Juraj ; Ibănescu, Bogdan C. ; Allan, Michael

In: Physical Review A, 2008, vol. 77, no. 4, p. 040701

Absolute cross sections for the production of the two astronomy-relevant negative ions H−C≡C⁻ and H−C≡C−C≡C⁻ by dissociative electron attachment to acetylene C₂H₂ and diacetylene C₄H₂ were measured (with a ±25% error bar). Acetylene yielded the C₂H⁻ ion at an electron energy of 2.95 eV with a cross section of 3.6±0.9 pm² and also the C₂⁻ ion at 8.1 eV...