Chronique fribourgeoise

Chronique fribourgeoise
The Chronique Fribourgeoise (Fribourg's chronicle) is elaborated by a committee of the local French speaking society of historians, the Société d'histoire du canton de Fribourg, and published by the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Fribourg under this title since 1988. It used to be called the Bulletin of the Société d'histoire du Canton de Fribourg (from 1986-88).

The chronicle reviews the most important current events in Fribourg from political, economical, social and cultural points of view. (These points of views are reflected in the chronicle's subdivisions: Miscellaneous events, Politics and Justice, Economics, Social and Health Issues, Religious Matters, Education, Culture and Sports). The chronicle has no claim to be comprehensive. It's short records are arranged in chronological order. Its main sources are the main local newspapers: La Liberté and Freiburger Nachrichten. A similar publication for the German speaking citizens of the bilingual canton lists events in the Freiburger Volkskalender.

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    Chronique fribourgeoise

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