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Université de Fribourg

The Green Lean Amine Machine : Harvesting Electric Power While Capturing Carbon Dioxide from Breath

Kalkus, Trevor J. ; Guha, Anirvan ; Scholten, Philip B. V. ; Nagornii, Dimitrii ; Coskun, Ali ; Ianiro, Alessandro ; Mayer, Michael

In: Advanced Science, 2021, p. 2100995

As wearable technologies redefine the way people exchange information, receive entertainment, and monitor health, the development of sustainable power sources that capture energy from the user's everyday activities garners increasing interest. Electric fishes, such as the electric eel and the torpedo ray, provide inspiration for such a power source with their ability to generate massive...

Università della Svizzera italiana

The MRE11 complex : a versatile toolkit for the repair of broken DNA

Reginato, Giordano ; Cejka, Petr

In: DNA repair, 2020, vol. 91–92, no. July–August, p. 13 p

When DNA breaks, the ends need to be stabilized and processed to facilitate subsequent repair, which can occur by either direct but error-prone end-joining with another broken DNA molecule or a more accurate homology-directed repair by the recombination machinery. At the same time, the presence of broken DNA triggers a signaling cascade that regulates the repair events and cellular progression...