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Université de Fribourg

Quelles priorités dans l’accompagnement des personnes polyhandicapées adultes ? : Analyse du contenu des projets personnalisés

Petitpierre, Geneviève ; Gyger, Jacqueline

In: Revue suisse de pédagogie spécialisée, 2013, no. 3, p. 6-14

Désireuses d’en savoir plus sur les priorités d’accompagnement des adolescents et adultes polyhandicapés, nous avons analysé le contenu de leurs projets individualisés (PI) 1. On note une sous-représentation de certaines sphères et un risque de rétrécissement de perspective à l’âge adulte. Plusieurs pistes d’ interprétation sont envisagées et des prolongements sont en cours...

Université de Fribourg

Odor Perception in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and its Relationship to Food Neophobia

Luisier, Anne-Claude ; Petitpierre, Geneviève ; Ferdenzi, Camille ; Clerc Bérod, Annick ; Giboreau, Agnes ; Rouby, Catherine ; Bensafi, Moustafa

In: Frontiers in Psychology, 2015, p. 6:1830

Atypical sensory functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been well documented in the last decade for the visual, tactile and auditory systems, but olfaction in ASD is still understudied. The aim of the present study was to examine whether children with ASD and neuro-typically (NT) developed children differed in odor perception, at the cognitive (familiarity and identification...

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Université de Fribourg

Accompagnement alimentaire et neurodiversité

Luisier, Anne-Claude ; Petitpierre, Geneviève ; Delgrande, Stephane

In: Revue suisse de pédagogie spécialisée, 2020, vol. 10, no. 4, p. 17-23

Manger est un acte quotidien, vital, obligatoire. C’est une habitude de vie incontournable pour tout être vivant. Il concerne tout le monde et interroge les valeurs personnelles. S’il suscite parfois des craintes comme celle très répandue de grossir, il est le plus souvent source de plaisir et synonyme de rencontre. Accompagner cet acte demande d’agir sur les motivations...

Université de Fribourg

Designing a Training Programme to Promote the Exercise of Self-Determination and Civic Engagement in Individuals Having an Intellectual Disability : Feedback on Collaborative Research

Fontana-Lana, Barbara ; Petitpierre, Geneviève

In: Creative Education, 2017, vol. 8, no. 6, p. 975-992

Individual self-determination and civic engagement are key resources in the life of every individual. All the more so in the case of individuals with an intellectual disability (ID), who are frequently prevented, voluntarily or passively (for example through the failure to promote favourable conditions for learning), from implementing the resources that are required for acquiring and...

Université de Fribourg

Fathers of children with autism spectrum disorder : Their perceptions of paternal role a predictor of caregiving satisfaction, self-efficacy and burden

Rudelli, Nicola ; Straccia, Claudio ; Petitpierre, Geneviève

In: Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2021, vol. 83, p. 101744

Background: The positive effect of a father’s involvement in children’s upbringing is now recognised. However, research on fathers raising children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are still few. This study examines the relationship between the perception, fathers of children with ASD have of the importance of their role in the development of their children and the feelings...

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Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Creating Apprenticeships in Switzerland: the case of the cableway mechanics

Strebel, Alexandra

In: Journal of Vocational Education and Training

Collective skill formation systems thrive if employers’ skill needs are reflected in apprenticeship training programmes and firms offer apprenticeship positions. Occupation-level adaptation processes underpin these systems, which offer upper- secondary level vocational education leading to hundreds of occupations. Yet, it is considered challenging to introduce new apprenticeships in sectors...

Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung EHB

Predicting polytomous career choices in healthcare using probabilistic expectations data

Schweri, Jürg

This paper compares the career expectations and outcomes of Swiss healthcare assistants, an occupation created to increase the supply of new nurses. We investigate whether healthcare assistants can predict their own professional careers two years ahead by eliciting their expectations for a range of career alternatives, including nursing and other studies. Polytomous choice situations have...

Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik Zürich HfH

Förderdiagnostik im Unterricht : Grundlagen und kommentierte Darstellung von Hilfsmitteln für die Lernstandserfassung in Mathematik und Sprache

Niedermann, Albin ; Schweizer, Ruth ; Steppacher, Josef

3. Auflage. Bern : Stiftung Schweizer Zentrum für Heil- und Sonderpädagogik (SZH), 2020

(Edition SZH / CSPS)

ISBN: 978-3-908262-90-9

Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik Zürich HfH

I hear what you see: Effects of audio description used in a cinema on immersion and enjoyment in blind and visually impaired people

Hättich, Achim ; Schweizer, Martina

In: British Journal of Visual Impairment, 2020, vol. 38, no. 3, p. 284–298

For people with disabilities being part of social life is essential for well-being. To accomplish this there are two possibilities: through interaction in person and through access to culture. One way to enjoy both possibilities is the cinema. For people with sight loss (people that are blind or visually impaired), there exists audio description which allows enjoying a film in a cinema....