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Université de Fribourg

Local Cults and their Integration into Bethlehem's Sacred Landscape in the Late Medieval and Modern Periods

Bacci, Michele

In: Bethlehem. A Sociocultural History, 2020, p. 25-40

The paper is a post-print version of an article originally published in Mitri Raheb (ed.), "Bethlehem. A Sociocultural History", Bethlehem: Diyar Publishers, 2020, p. 25-40, though without the illustrations presented here. It analyses the dynamics by which the kinetic dimension of pilgrimage contributed to invest the landscape associated with the way leading from Jerusalem to Bethlehem with...

Università della Svizzera italiana

Furtum sacrilegum : the "Holy Heads" of Peter and Paul and their reliquaries in the Lateran

Mondini, Daniela

In: The Basilica of Saint John Lateran to 1600, 2020, p. 345-378

The “Holy Heads” of Peter and Paul, attested in the 11th century within a secondary altar of the Laurentius-Oratory in the Patriarchium Lateranense and later on inside the main altar of the Sancta Sanctorum, increased their status exponentially after having been transferred by Pope Urban V (1368-70) into the Lateran Basilica. Embedded in two huge, lavishly decorated anthropomorphic...

Université de Fribourg

Lier & délier : note sur la Transfiguration de Raphaël.

Corpataux, Jean-François

In: Kunstchronik : Monatsschrift für Kunstwissenschaft, Museumswesen und Denkmalpflege, 2020, vol. 73, p. 29-40

Université de Neuchâtel

Vers un nouveau Musée unique à Sainte-Croix. Elaboration, stratégie et gestion

Gueissaz, Rachel

Mémoire de Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) : Université de Neuchâtel, 2020.