Freiburg Sammlungen

Collection fribourgeoise
Die "Freiburger Sammlung = Collection fribourgeoise" vereinigt mehrere Spezialsammlungen, die unter den jeweiligen Rubriken einzeln beschrieben sind. Zum Beispiel Tageszeitungen, Freiburger Referenzwerke usw. Zudem finden sich hier digitalisierte Werke, die in der KUB Freiburg vorhanden sind und Teil des Freiburger Kulturgutes sind.

Die Digitalisierung dieser Werke wird laufend fortgeführt.
Université de Fribourg

Investors' perception of business group membership during an economic crisis : Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

Ducret, Romain

(Working Papers SES ; 524)

This paper examines how investors perceive business group membership in Korea during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stock price performance analysis reveals evidence of a time-varying and heterogeneous value of affiliation: investors discount business group affiliation during a market collapse, but are willing to pay a premium for affiliation during market recovery. Overall, this pattern is more...

Université de Fribourg

Chasing dividends during the COVID-19 pandemic

Eugster, Nicolas ; Ducret, Romain ; Isakov, Dušan ; Weisskopf, Jean-Philippe

(Working Papers SES ; 520)

This paper investigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the trading behavior of investors around ex-dividend dates in Europe. The sudden decrease in the number of companies paying dividends reduced the opportunities to capture dividends. The firms that have maintained dividend payments during the pandemic thus attracted more interest than before. This led to a doubling in the magnitude...