Université de Fribourg

Absolute cross sections for dissociative electron attachment to acetylene and diacetylene

May, Olivier ; Fedor, Juraj ; Ibănescu, Bogdan C. ; Allan, Michael

In: Physical Review A, 2008, vol. 77, no. 4, p. 040701

Absolute cross sections for the production of the two astronomy-relevant negative ions H−C≡C⁻ and H−C≡C−C≡C⁻ by dissociative electron attachment to acetylene C₂H₂ and diacetylene C₄H₂ were measured (with a ±25% error bar). Acetylene yielded the C₂H⁻ ion at an electron energy of 2.95 eV with a cross section of 3.6±0.9 pm² and also the C₂⁻ ion at 8.1 eV...

Université de Fribourg

Dissociative electron attachment to HBr: A temperature effect

Fedor, Juraj ; Cingel, M. ; Skalný, J. D. ; Scheier, P. ; Märk, T. D. ; Čížek, M. ; Kolorenč, P. ; Horáček, J.

In: Physical Review A, 2007, vol. 75, p. 022703

The effects of rovibrational temperature on dissociative electron attachment to hydrogen bromide has been investigated from the experimental and theoretical point of view. Theoretical calculations based on the nonlocal resonance model predict a strong temperature effect on the Br⁻ fragment ion yield due to population of higher vibrational and rotational states. A crossed beam experimental setup...