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La deregolamentazione del mercato elettrico svizzero e implicazioni a breve termine per l’industria idroelettrica

Antonioli, Barbara ; Banfi, Silvia ; Filippini, Massimo

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    In many European countries, including England, Norway and Germany, the electricity sector has been deregulated. In Switzerland also the Parliament has adopted a new law – the Swiss Electricity Market Law (EML) -, which proposes to institute changes in the electricity market and therefore open the market to greater competition. The Swiss population will have to vote on the EML in September 2002. The acceptance of this law would imply a stepwise reform of the sector over seven years. A central element of the reform will be the introduction of Third Party Access (TPA), which obliges the electricity distribution utilities to allow nondiscriminatory access to all companies that wish to send electricity over the utility’s transmission and distribution lines for sale to the final consumer. The first part of this paper describes the Swiss electricity sector and compares it to the electricity sector of other European countries. In the second part we give an overview of the basic requirements a reform program of the electricity sector should include. The next section describes the new Swiss electricity market law and compares the elements of this law with the basic elements presented previously. In the last section, the paper describes the cost structure of the Swiss hydropower sector and analyses some of the possible short- and medium-term impacts of the planned reform of this sector.